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Tezos Brings TezAsia Hackathon To Drive Innovation in the Web3 Arena



Blockchain service provider Tezos India, in association with Tezos APAC, has organized a month-long hackathon to promote and make Tezos blockchain more accessible to the general public. The hackathon, named TezAsia Hackathon, will be spanning across the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region and start on July 10. Registrations are open till July 8.

TezAsia Hackathon will enable developers from various universities and institutes to learn and develop in the Tezos Blockchain while introducing them to the Tezos ecosystem. The hackathon will be organized based on a wide range of tracks, including DeFi, NFTs, gaming, e-wallets, and segregated into two themes —

  1. Small but great — This would require the candidates to build a simple dApp on the Tezos technology stack with a clear agenda. As the name suggests, on this track, no project is too small to complete.
  2. Disrupt all the things — In this, candidates are expected to show their skills by laying the foundation of a major Tezos-based project. This track is intended for teams with a disruptive vision who can showcase a PoC or MVP of their desired Web3 product.

This hackathon will also give a chance to the developers to win cash prizes from the prize pool of $200,000. In detail, the prize distribution will be as such:

  • The winner will get a cash prize of $10,000
  • The Runner-up will get a cash prize of $8,000
  • The second runner-up will get a cash prize of $5,000
  • Candidates in the fourth & fifth place will get a cash prize of $1,000
  • Special track sponsored by women in tech: The winner will get a cash prize of $10,000
  • The top 20 projects will get a share of a prize pool of $10,000
  • Internships, PPOs & PPIs for all the deserving candidate
  • Grant opportunities worth $100k
  • Candidates with valid submissions will get a cash prize of $150 along with an NFT certificate, branded merchandise, and goodies.

The final results of the hackathon along with the demo of the projects will be announced on Aug 16, 2022. Prize distribution will be taking place for a week after the result announcement. Participants will receive Tezos’ official merchandise and goodies, branded as ‘Tezos Swag’

Speaking of the forthcoming hackathon, the President of Tezos India, Om Malviya stated

It is a one-size-fits-all moment for all to enter and contribute to the Tezos ecosystem through a spectrum of activities mentored by global leaders. It will be a defining moment for those aspiring students and enthusiasts with the singular goal of learning and achieving massive heights in their lives.

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