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Ripple Adds Two New Lawyers to Their Legal Team



Kellogg Hansen is a law firm with a vast experience in antitrust cases. The two Kellogg Hansen attorneys, Kylie Chiseul Kim and Clayton J. Masterman, will stand for Ripple in their prolonged lawsuit against the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

According to sources, Judge Analisa Torres, allowed the two new lawyers to engage in the case against SEC. Sources suggest that the onboarding means that legal proceedings may become extended.

Based on several reports, during the collision gathering, the CEO of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse, told Axios media that his company would exit the US if they lose the lawsuit.

Stuart Alderoty, the general counsel, stated:

It now looks like a resolution will come in 2023 – and each day that passes is hurting US citizens who were essentially the victims of a rug pulled by the SEC

In a Twitter thread, user, @FianLaw said, “The Ripple Defendants have filed a letter opposing the SEC’s continued efforts to seal its response to amici regarding the SEC’s expert, stating that the SEC’s arguments “are, on their face, about shielding the SEC from public criticism.”

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