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Charles Hoskinson Slams FUD on Smart Contracts and Vasil Hard Fork



Charles Hoskinson addressed users on crypto Twitter and assured them that smart contracts on the Cardano blockchain will continue functioning smoothly after the Vasil hard fork. Crypto Twitter was rife with suspicion that smart contracts will have to be rewritten after the hard fork combinator event.

Hoskinson argued that the entire reason HFC and Plutus versioning were built was to ensure this does not happen. Hoskinson condemned trolls and critics for spreading FUD in the crypto community. Duncan Coutts, IO Global’s Principal Technical Architect for Cardano, believes there is a Tsunami of updates in the pipeline for Cardano.

Coutts states that he is most looking forward to the Vasil hard fork. What’s more, Coutts believes IOG’s foundation in academic, peer-reviewed research makes its updates secure and high impact. There are a slew of announcements regarding the Lace lightwallet, and EVM sidechains in addition to the Vasil hard fork.

Reportedly, Coutts is thrilled to return to IOG. Coutts explained that Cardano’s developers are working on solving the issues of blockchain speed, scalability and interoperability. The team states that there are several updates in the pipeline that would improve the overall performance and efficiency of the Cardano blockchain.

Cardano price has apparently recovered from the recent slump. The altcoin is ready to bounce back. A long with the target at the top of $0.475 range could be an opportunity. At the same time, Cardano’s has recouped its losses from the last two weeks. This reveals bulls are in control and Cardano price could hit its bullish upside target soon.

ADA-USD Price Chart (Source: TradingView)

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