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Dogecoin Foundation Director Launches Survey About Potential DOGE Hackathon This Year: Details



Dogecoin Twitter account has retweeted a thread from Timothy Stebbing, the Dogecoin Foundation Director, where he asks if DOGE developers would be will to participate in a DOGE Hackathon.

Dogecoin Ecosystem Hackathon may be on the horizon In his root tweet, Stebbing announced two polls in the thread, in which he asked the community of DOGE developers to vote whether they would be interested to take part in a Dogecoin Ecosystem Hackathon that would potentially last for a week at the start of November. No details have been shared yet, but he Dogecoin Foundation Director has mentioned that there might be prizes during the Hackathon (or devs may participate just for fun) and is trying to find out if they would like to actually make a hackathon live – travel to a certain destination, participate in person, mix with other devs and get to know each other.

Musk’s Boring Company now accepts DOGE As covered by U.Today earlier this week, world’s richest businessman Elon Musk continues to support DOGE by expanding the meme coin’s utility. After Tesla began accepting Dogecoin for some of its merch and SpaceX promised to do the same, another company set up by Elon Musk, the Boring Company, has begun to accept the original meme coins for its services. Now, 36 DOGE worth $2.50 can buy customers an all-day pass at the Vegas Loop. In an earlier tweet, Musk announced that he has been buying more DOGE and that he will continue to support it 

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