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The Founder of Wonderland Revives DeFi Project, Unveils New Trailer



On July 26, Daniele Sestagalli, founder of the Wonderland DeFi project, announced his comeback into the DeFi space in an inflammatory way on Twitter.

According to a series of tweets, Sestagalli declared his resurgence with a post saying, “TIME is now for the magic to happen.”

In addition, Sestgalli said that Wonderland is back with more tech and less talking. He teased his 305,500 followers with a trailer.

Interestingly, the video mentions in a part:

Wonder, the land of wonder. You’ve forgotten yourself, bro, and so you’ve forgotten time. You’ve grown immensely. Remember who you are. You are now a ‘frog,’ perhaps, the true explorer seeking to rebuild the one true realm.

Back in January Sestagalli called a time-out on his project Wonderland upon discovering an unpleasant surprise. Tokens connected to ‘Frog Nation,’ which Sestagalli calls his community, saw a sell-off. Later, reports showed the explanation behind this was connected with the treasury manager of Wonderland, Michael Patryn.

According to sources, Patryn is a former convict and co-founder of a Canadian crypto exchange, QuadrigaCX, which had gone extinct.

When users brought this to Twitter, Sestagalli explained that he was already aware of Patryn and decided that the ‘past actions of an individual do not represent the future.’

Eventually, Wonderland’s community voted to kick out Patryn from his position and replace him with new management.

Sestagalli later made a post on Twitter that he terminated Patryn, and the Wonderland project will sadly have to come to an end.

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