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Vinteum Will Train And Sponsor Bitcoin Developers In Brazil And Latin America



The planet needs Vinteum because “we need developers from all over the world to build this global internet-native money.” What is Vinteum? In the post announcing the organization’s existence, they describe themselves as “a non-profit Bitcoin research and development center dedicated to supporting Bitcoin developers in Brazil and the wider Latin America region. We will train and fund open source developers to work on Bitcoin and the Lightning Network.” 

For his part, Ferreira talked about the need to bring “more geographic diversity to this talent pool, people who will understand the needs of their regions and will keep that in mind when developing Bitcoin.” This is a crucial part of Vinteum’s reason to be. Brazil and Latin America might currently be underrepresented in bitcoin development, but that’s about to change.

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Where Did The Money Come From

If bitcoin is decentralized, where did the money for Vinteum come from? Ferreira told Portal Do Bitcoin:

“Getting the funds was really hard work. We had to put together a deck explaining the idea and sell this project to potential donors. I went after my network and so did André, and we were raising the funds.”

In the end, Vinteum informs, the “philanthropic donations” came from “John Pfeffer, Wences Casares, Sebastian Serrano, Okcoin, and the Human Rights Foundation.” Other contributors were, “Casa for providing us with state-of-the-art Bitcoin custody and Voltage for provisioning our Lightning Network node infrastructure.”

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Kudos to those organizations and individuals for understanding the importance of funding bitcoin development all over the world. United we stand.

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