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NOVO candidates launch collection of NFTs and defend that the State does not regulate cryptocurrencies



Victor Cezarini and Dennys Xavier of NOVO claim to be the first candidates for political office in Brazil to launch a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFT). Xavier, who is running for federal deputy, and Cezarini, who is trying to be elected state deputy for Minas Gerais, created the Cezarini&Dennys collection, now available on the OpenSea marketplace.

Comprising 30 NFTs, the collection features the same two illustrations of the candidates with different accessories, such as crosses and snakes tied around their necks, and hats in honor of figures ranging from George Washington, the 1st president of the USA, to Javier Milei, an Argentine deputy. ultraliberal, accused a few days ago of promoting a financial pyramid with cryptocurrencies.NFTs in honor of Argentine deputy Javier Milei (Source: Cezarini&Dennys)

Among the honorees is also Daniel Fraga, a former anarcho-capitalist youtuber who was one of the first bitcoin enthusiasts in Brazil. In this case, the NFTs are drawings of candidates wearing a cap that says “eat apple”, a reference to the video in which Fraga appears eating his favorite fruit.

Other NFTs linked to the cryptocurrency sector show the pair appearing with laser eyes, popularly used by bitcoiners.

NFTs in honor of Daniel Fraga
NFTs in honor of Daniel Fraga (Source: Cezarini&Dennys)

The collection was launched last Tuesday (23), but so far, it has not had any buyers. Each of the NFTs is sold for 0.07 ETH, which at the current cryptocurrency price is around BRL 540.

Xavier says the money from the collection will not be used to fund the election campaign. “From a formal point of view, I cannot declare the sale of NFT to revert as campaign money in the electoral process, unfortunately,” he explains.

The funds, therefore, will be dedicated to paying for trips and lectures he gives in different parts of the country. “I give lectures all over Brazil to groups of university students and people who like politics, without charging anyone anything. I will use this money [dos NFTs] precisely to continue this work, funding travel and lectures nationwide,” he says.

Defense of individual liberties

To Bitcoin Portalcandidate Dennys Xavier, also a professor at the Federal University of Uberlândia, explains why he chose these images for the collection:

“For those who know a little about the history of the struggle for freedoms in the world, you will realize that each image represents a historical moment, both in Brazil and in the world, in the defense of individual freedoms. The fun part is that the person can decipher the figures and moments there”, says Xavier.

In his view, the approach with the NFTs, as well as with the cryptocurrency sector, converges with his personal ideologies, and that’s why he decided to advance the collection together with his fellow candidate:

“I am interested in the idea of ​​NFTs and the ramifications they can have on the market. I am a radical defender of individual liberties and I firmly believe that NFTs and crypto are an inexorable door in this process of not depending so much on the state to get things done.”

“The less state the better”

Professor Dennys Xavier, who defines himself as a “defender of freedom”, says that cryptocurrencies are an important agenda of his candidacy, mainly so that the State does not intervene in any way in this market, not even to regulate it.

“One of my big concerns, and I saw it up close when I was political coordinator of the federal bench for Novo in Brasília, is to protect cryptocurrencies from government advances. I strongly oppose the idea of ​​having a state regulating crypto, so the more freedoms we have, the better”, defends the candidate.

He is not the only one to raise this flag in his candidacy. “Fiuza Bitcoin”, the name of an urn chosen by the architect Cleverson Fiuza, another candidate for federal deputy for Novo, also defends the “bitcoinization” of Brazil.

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