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All the best in P2E you can find in Drunk Robots



The crypto industry is changing the usual rules of the game in all areas of life—for example, computer games, which for a long time remained just entertainment. Only professional players who spent most of their time in one game could earn money by playing.

But the crypto industry has revolutionized the video game market, and thanks to the best NFT games, everyone can start earning valuable tokens by playing their favorite play to earn NFT games. Players need not be skillful at making good money.

In 2022, games based on blockchain technologies are not yet as well known as Bitcoin or classic NFT tokens. But even during the bear market, venture investments in gaming projects are breaking records, which speaks of the industry’s promise.

Why is Drunk Robots one of the best NFT play to earn games?

And today, we want to tell you about a fantastic and exciting NFT game that will immerse you in a unique and dangerous world of adventure, alcohol, and rock and roll. The play-to-earn game was released in 2022 and has already acquired several cool updates to improve the gameplay and user experience.

Welcome to the world of drunk robots! Exciting adventures await you in a cyberpunk world with an atmosphere similar to Blade Runner 2049. Take one of the thousands of unique NFT in game purchases robots to conquer the rotten and corrupt city of sins. In Los Machines, you will meet with other players, entire gangs, and dangerous PvP opponents.

Here it would help if you had ingenuity and skills to survive. You will have a whole arsenal of weapons at your disposal, allowing you to fight for your life and valuable Metal tokens. At every step of this rotten metropolis, dangers, adventures, and new opportunities to earn will await you.

Are you already worried about the question of how to start playing Drunk Robots? Excellent!

You need to meet just a few prerequisites to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of madness, danger, and unique P2E mechanics:

1. You won’t be able to play without MetaMask on your phone or browser.

2. BNB Chain. The entire gameplay and unique mechanics are tied to this blockchain. So do not waste time and connect:

3. The final requirement is a small number of in-game METAL coins needed to crush heads and earn. Whether a beginner or an advanced gamer, your path will lead to Pancakeswap or Don’t forget that everything is built on the BNB Chain:


The world of drunk robots is huge and diverse, so each player will find something to entertain himself with. Crush the heads of enemies and customize your character. No problem. Become a gang member and participate in epic gang battles? Just don’t forget to pick up the right weapon! What about free mini-games?

Free modes of NFT game Drunk Robots

1. Become invisible and kill all the enemies in the Ninja mini-game. The main goal is to defeat everyone and stay alive. This is a scoring game, so remember that the longer you last, the higher you will be in the standings and the more points you will score. And if you get more than 100 during the week, you will receive in-game coins.

2. The second game is called endless runner, and its rules are similar to ninja mode. The main task is to defeat all enemies, become the best to top the list, and get valuable prizes in the form of tokens for further travel through Los Machines.

You can earn money in “robots” not only with the help of mini-games but also by selling unique items. On trading platforms, users can give large sums for rare items and are willing to sell their souls for legendary ones. But how do you get them?

Develop your NFT game stats in the battles and racing

For example, in the primary mode in the PVP Arena. Here the player is allowed to improve his character and get the necessary combat experience and weapons to earn money.

To fight effectively, each character has six equipment slots. Some slots are available immediately, while others need to be purchased or unlocked. The more cells available, the more pain you can inflict on your opponent. Use melee and ranged weapons to earn valuable prizes and become the best player in the fallen city of drunk cars. The player needs to grow professionally and improve his character to get into the next division of players commensurate with the user in terms of strength and skills.

Each squad has its hash rate, which helps to farm faster. Therefore, the player must win more to move to other squads and increase the farming speed. The pool of in-game tokens for one season is one million.

Love the speed and roar of the engine? Then race through the city of fallen angels to become one of the best and get valuable prizes. The winner will receive 80 $METAL tokens for first place, 40 for the second, and 10 for the third.

Do not forget that your car needs to be improved and repaired because your rivals will do everything so you do not reach the finish line. Despite this, you can earn more than 120 tokens per day just by racing through Los Machines.

Staking is the fast way to get ROI

In this play to earn project, users can also use staking mechanics with the help of a playable NFT character. With such a passive income, users will not be able to receive in-game tokens.

Conclusion about one of the best NFT game

P2E NFT game about drunk robots, cyberpunk, and a gloomy city filled with danger combines the mechanics of the best NFT games free to play and earn money at the same time. Unique modes, valuable tokens, and a focus on improving NFT game stats make drunk robots NFT game with the best ROI.

Also, the presence of mechanics that allow you to use game modes without investments and earn money makes drunken robots one of the best NFT games to make money. Now tell me, is it possible after this article to say that it is impossible or difficult to make money on NFT games? Have fun, participate in unique game modes, get coins and valuable items, and enjoy the gameplay.