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Dogecoin Co-Creator Is Done With Elon Musk



Jackson Palmer, a co-creator of Dogecoin, spoke candidly about his relationship with Elon Musk and the meme coin in general.

Palmer stated in an interview with Insider that he has become tired of constantly getting “dragged” into discussions about the currency he helped develop more than eight years ago. He used to consider Dogecoin to be a “hobby,” but now claims it has turned into a “nuisance”.

“It all kind of annoyed me because it was this thing that had my name tied to it. I don’t think people realize it, but I wish that when something happened with Dogecoin and Elon Musk and my Dogecoin co-founder Billy [Markus] I didn’t get dragged back into it,” Palmer said.

Palmer is not a fan of Elon Musk. But the tech billionaire and Billy Markus, the other Dogecoin founder, appear to share a good relationship.

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Dogecoin Co-Creator Is Done With Elon Musk 3

Since 2021, Musk became one of the currency’s most ardent supporters, frequently driving up the price with a single tweet. He even disclosed intentions to send “Doge-1,” a crypto-themed satellite, to the moon this year.

When asked why did he choose DOGE, the business mogul said he wanted to be an ally to “those who are not so affluent,” and stated that he has previously collaborated with developers on digital currency.

Unconvinced with the response, Palmer stated he saw Musk’s interest in Dogecoin as a ploy to “grab onto communities” in order to “absorb them into his cult of personality.”

Dogecoin Creator Received A Lot Of Flake From Musk’s Fans

Palmer’s relationship with Musk became even tenser when he referred to Musk as a “grifter” and said that the Tesla CEO was incapable of running simple code, citing an incident from a number of years ago in which the billionaire supposedly couldn’t execute a Python script Palmer had provided him.

The billionaire hit back by saying that his kids wrote better code at the age of 12 and alleged Palmer “never wrote a single line of Dogecoin code.”

That was Palmer and Musk’s final exchange which according to the DOGE creator was a “sobering incident” as the latter’s supporters tore down on him.

“I’ve made a conscious effort since then to not talk about him because it’s not worth it. I can let them have their fantasies,” Palmer said.


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