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MyMetaverse implements NFTs on its Minecraft and GTA V servers



The Web3 company, MyMetaverse recently announced the implementation of NFT technology on its servers for Web2 games such as Grand Theft Auto V and Minecraft.

This new collection called MetaHome NFT is the first one minted on Efinity, an NFT parachain built on the Polkadot network.

The NFTs created by MyMetaverse offer utilities on several servers, such as:

  • Infinity Auto: A Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 5 server where the NFT becomes a rare vehicle.
  • Survival Infinity: A Minecraft server where NFTs become a special sword.

What is MyMetaverse?

MyMetaverse is a Web3 game development company specializing in metaverses with Play To Earn savings.

The project aspires to integrate creators’ savings into their games so that artists, musicians and video producers can create content and attach it to NFTs tokens.

In this way, players who have these NFTs will be able to enjoy the content of the games and will also have additional utility in the game.

MyMetaverse is one of the blockchain ecosystem partners to receive early access to make NFTs available on Efinity, as well as a number of projects waiting to be integrated in the coming weeks.

Implement NFTs in Minecraft without violating their terms and conditions

According to MyMetaverse, they were able to introduce NFTs without violating the game’s guidelines by not having any kind of paid NFTs and making the digital items available for free.

Additionally, MyMetaverse reported that they have started a conversation with Mojang Studios (Minecraft’s owners), as the Minecraft server built into the company’s NFTs has been around for four years, even before Minecraft banned NFTs.

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