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Telefonica accepts cryptocurrencies as payment in its virtual store



Telefónica, the largest telecommunications company in Spain, with a subsidiary in Brazil, starts accepting crypto as payment in its Spanish online store, in partnership with Bit2Me.

Telefonica accepts cryptocurrencies as payment in an online store

In a partnership with the Spanish exchange Bit2Me, which also serves the global market and has a presence in Brazil, it starts to accept crypto as payment in its e-commerce that sells a wide variety of products, of the most diverse prices.

Telefónica's virtual store accepts cryptocurrencies as payment (Telefónica’s webshop)

As of today, the Spanish market can buy cell phones, computers, tablets, televisions, watches, furniture and home products, accessories and gaming products on (which means “you” in Spanish) with crypto, as the store accepts cryptocurrencies as payment.

Adoption takes place through Bit2Me’s “commerce” service, focused on offering the solution for payments in cryptocurrencies to several companies, and the adoption of a mega corporation, such as Telefonica, could trigger a wave of adoption following the example. , if the experiment is successful.

At the beginning of September, telecom also announced its entry into the Metaverse, in partnership with Qualcomm; and at the beginning of the year, Telefónica took its first steps in the NFT market.

Telefónica in Spain is Telefónica and Vivo in Brazil

Telefónica is a subsidiary of the Spanish headquarters, Telefónica, and currently operates under the Vivo banner. It would be possible that the adoption of the central in Spain comes to our country, mainly considering that the commercial partner, Bit2Me, also has offices in the country and a team serving our language.

We could see vivo accept crypto as payment, in a positive scenario, which could also motivate competitors to seek a similar solution, to remain competitive.

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