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Polygon (MATIC)

Polygon To Launch New Public Testnet For Hermez



Polygon has announced the release of its public zkEVM testnet, which will enable developers to test the development of privacy-enhancing zk-rollups in their respective decentralized applications. 

The testnet launch is for Herzez, acquired by Polygon for $250 million last year. 

The Race For Ethereum Layer-2 Solutions

Polygon has rolled out its first public testnet for its new Ethereum scaling solution, Hermes, as competition for finding a leading Ethereum Layer-2 solution begins. Polygon had acquired Hermez, an Ethereum Layer-2 scaling solution, for $250 million last year. The scaling solution runs on Ethereum, helping to significantly boost its scalability, enabling it to process significantly more transactions for a significantly lesser fee. 

The launch of the public testnet for Hermez marks the first time developers will be able to test the new network. Hermez, part of a scaling solution also known as zkEVMs, which offers benefits around security and applications that most other scaling solutions do not. Zk-rollups promise to significantly enhance the Ethereum blockchain, bunching up a host of transactions and presenting them to the blockchain in a single transaction. 

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