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New SushiSwap ‘Head Chef’ Dismisses All Accusations



SushiSwap exec said that “baseless accusations are caustic and wrong.”

A week after being elected as SushiSwap’s new “head chef,” Jared Grey has already landed in trouble for a myriad of crypto frauds.

Accusations range from multiple scams and copyright infringement to sexually assaulting a horse.

  • Grey, for one, has maintained that all the accusations are “untrue.” He responded via a thread,

“I have always operated with integrity in this space; you can reach out to anyone I’ve worked with directly over the years. I’ve had business failures, which CT likes to scrutinize, and I’m OK with that because it comes with the territory.”

  • Grey was accused of stealing funds from the crypto community in 2019 from a project called ALQO after introducing the wallet called Liberio that was used to siphon off 70% of the total supply of the token.
  • The following year, he allegedly rebranded ALQO to EONS and moved from its own chain to an Ethereum-based one, which many believe was done to cover tracks.
  • He was also said to be working on an exchange called Bitfineon that charged listing fees, but the platform itself was never launched.
  • Grey, on the other hand, directed the blame on his business partner for stealing the funds while he was working on “raising funds to launch the Bitfineon exchange.”
  • The Sushi CEO also clarified in his latest Twitter thread that the business partner was fired after he and the investors found out.
  • Grey also shared a blog post that stated that the real scammer was Kevin Collmer, and the affected users in the entire fiasco were compensated.
  • Although no evidence has yet been discovered, social media is flooded with memes over accusations that Grey had sexually abused a horse.

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