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Crypto Volatility Index won’t get any lower soon: is investing in presales a good strategy?



The crypto market has always been a volatile one and 2022 has been a particularly eventful year in that regard. Recently, bitcoin and the market dipped yet again, dropping below $19,000 which caused some concern among investors who believed that bitcoin found support above that mark.

But it’s clear that investors are not turning away from the crypto market entirely. In fact, both institutions and retail investors are showing more interest in the asset class as the market’s prices are at a considerable distance from their all-time highs.

Still, they are being more judicious with how they budget their capital and are not so keen on putting in any assets. That begs the question: with the way the market is at the moment and the uncertainty of the market in the near future, are presales worth considering at all?

Should Investors Consider Presales?

The crypto market has not resulted in good returns for those who entered in early 2022. Even more seasoned investors have taken huge hits to their portfolios this – and companies and institutional investors have too. As such, it’s not surprising if many investors want to stay away from presales if the crypto winter doesn’t look likely to clear up. The increasing scrutiny from regulatory authorities is also factoring into investors’ decisions.

The essence of it is that investors do not want to allocate capital when there is uncertainty about what the crypto market will look like in the near future. This is why many are moving their funds to safer crypto assets or stablecoins, hoping for some clarity as to what the next few months will be like.

However, that is not entirely the case, and staying away from presales may guarantee safety. While those who participated in presales earlier in the year saw their funds plummet, those who have done so in recent months have not suffered as much.

In fact, there are multiple presales going on at the moment that are bucking the trend and seeing a swathe of investors join in. Perhaps it needs a bit more caution, but presales well and truly seem to be something worth considering, even during the crypto winter.

Presales that are Catching Investors’ Eyes

As mentioned, investors are moving towards presales, of which there are many going on at the moment. Certainly, projects don’t seem to be shying away from hosting their presales at a time when investors are being very cautious.

IMPT’s presale is doing well and has already raised millions of dollars.

The proof is in the pudding as seen in the success of presales like IMPT. The latter is a carbon credits platform where stakeholders can offset their carbon footprints by purchasing carbon credits. Each carbon credit is the equivalent of 1 ton of carbon output, and the IMPT token is used to purchase these credits.

The IMPT platform is currently undergoing the first stage of its presale with each token pierced at $0.018. Investors have been taking to the platform with excitement, proving that the desire for presales still exists, because of the broad features that the platform offers to facilitate its altruistic cause.

For example, IMPT offers a green NFT marketplace, a shopping platform, and the ability to support hundreds of environmental projects. They see such projects as the future of Web3, working on novel ideas that better the world.

Another project that has been making the headlines for its presale is The Hideaways. While this may not benefit the platform directly like IMPT, it is still attracting consumers for its more indirect means of benefiting individuals. The platform allows investment in luxury properties all over the world and even features fractional ownership.

In a time when the real estate market has become prohibitively expensive, The Hideaways offers a solution. The Hideaways is actually in the final stage of its presale with the HDWY token being sold for $0.045. There are a total of 160 million tokens available, with the presale ending on Oct. 16.

Both these projects are proving that investing in presales of tokens that have tangible worth can offer investors a lifeline in a tough market. The common theme between these projects is this: projects that have a direct and immediate benefit to users and society, which investors see as being the future of projects in 2023.

Investors Want Projects with Strong Purpose

While the crypto market may not be in its healthiest state, there appear to be a few projects injecting some life into it. This is visible in the fact that there are some ongoing presales seeing heavy activity, so ultimately the project itself is what is determining if investors should part with their capital.

As the market heads into 2023, with regulation and an uncertain short-term outlook, investors will be more choosy. One noticeable trend is the interest in projects that are doing good for society, and not damaging the environment. As such, projects like IMPT may just give a preview as to what to expect in 2023.

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