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Injured by ‘Bitcoin Sheik’ request seizure of Wesley Safadão’s jet; understand



A group of clients injured by Francisley Valdevino da Silva, known as “Sheik dos Bitcoins”, asked the Paraná Justice to seize a jet for debt repayment. The aircraft belongs to Sheik’s ITX Administradora de Bens Ltda, according to the petition attached to the public civil action pending before the 24th Civil Court of Curitiba. However, currently, it is the company WS Shows Ltd, owned by singer Wesley Safadão, which operates the aircraft last sold for R$ 37 million.

As reported by the newspaper GLOBO, Safadão’s defense says that the singer received Francisley’s jet due to the debt that the alleged leader of a financial pyramid has with the artist.

Bitcoin financial pyramid scheme

The “Bitcoin Sheik” promised high returns through alleged cryptocurrency operations. With the coup, he injured celebrities such as Sasha Meneghel and her husband, singer João Figueiredo. According to the Federal Police, the Sheik caused damage to at least 15,000 people in Brazil and abroad. In Brazil alone he would have moved R$ 4 billion with the scheme.

On October 6, as reported by CriptoFácil, the Sheik was the target of Operation Poyais, launched by the Federal Police (PF). The objective was to deepen the investigation of crimes against the popular economy and the financial system, crimes of embezzlement, money laundering and criminal organization. In the action, PF agents seized a large amount of cash, gold bars, luxury watches, luxury cars, among other items.

However, the jet was off the list of seized assets, as noted by lawyers Mayra Vieira Dias and Jorge Calazans, who signed the petition. The lawyers themselves arrived at Safadão’s name through a survey.

According to the document attached to the action, Safadão operates the aircraft and also appeared as a “consenting party”. It deals with a person who is not part of a negotiation itself, but exerts influence over the transaction through an agreement. In this case, the singer was the intervener in the purchase of the jet by the Sheik of the company Maravilhas da Terra Produtos Naturais. That’s because Safadão had sold the aircraft to the company in 19 installments.

Jet went to pay damages

According to the terms of the deal, the Sheik would pay a part of the value of the jet to the company and another part – about R$ 11 million – to the singer. However, the transaction was halted in 2021 when the pyramid broke and payments came to a halt. So, the singer took back possession of the good.

According to Safadão’s lawyer, Daniel Moraes, the singer received the Sheik’s jet to cushion part of the singer’s loss. This is because he would have made a contribution in renting Bitcoins with one of the investigated companies – in an undisclosed amount.

“A bad deal was made, which even shames us. We explain everything to those who came to us. If there’s any villain in this story, it’s called Francisley. Fortunately, Wesley has a group of advisers who, even before the story became known, convinced him to abandon the business and ask for his money back”, said the lawyer.

Safadão is also involved in another way with the Sheik. Your company DYW Participações Ltda. appears on a list of creditors in the judicial reorganization process that Francisley’s defense filed in August of this year. The company in question acted as an “agent” for the Sheik’s business in Ceará, attracting clients in exchange for commissions. The singer’s lawyer said that one of Safadão’s companies acted, in fact, as a franchisee of Wesley. However, this was put on hold when the artist asked for a refund of his investments.

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