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Terra Classic Community Appeals Robinhood To List LUNC



It’s been almost four months since Terra network’s LUNA collapsed along with its stablecoin, USTD, which was dipping against the US dollar. However, it didn’t take too long for the network to bounce back. Within a month, the network introduced a new chain known as Terra Classic (LUNC) and, sometime later, its stablecoin TerraClassicUSTC.

The victims of the Terra collapse are looking for every possible way to retain Terra Classic (LUNC) and TerraClassicUSTC (USTC). One such method is a 1.2% tax burn for all LUNC on-chain transactions, which is being supported by major crypto exchanges, like Binance.

Now, the Terra Classic community has come forward with a proposal of listing LUNC on Robinhood, a no-commission investing platform. This happened after a petition was put forth via asking Robinhood to list LUNC on its trading platform.

LUNC On Robinhood?

The appeal was submitted by a Terra Classic supporter, known as QDS Land, in the month of September. The petition requires at least 5,000 signatures but as of now, it has just received 3,725 signatures.

He believes that if LUNC is listed on Robinhood it will be beneficial to the trading firms, LUNC holders and the Robinhood platform as well. This is because currently there are nearly 1.5 million LUNC holders who trade billions of dollars volume trading every day.

He has also stated that around 300,000 wallets were created before he submitted the petition; hence, he asserts that with these numbers, even Robinhood would benefit immensely.

However, Robinhood has not yet responded to the petition, nor has the petition garnered enough signatures. Even if it does, the final decision about the listing lies with the platform.

Earlier, the same platform,, was used by the Shiba Inu community to file a request for listing SHIB on the Robinhood platform. Within a short period of time, the petition gained 559,737 signatures and Shiba Inu was finally listed on the platform.

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