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How to play Roulette in Crypto Casino?



For a good reason, Roulette is one of the most popular casino games in the world. It’s a pretty basic game, yet surprisingly challenging to master. The more you study it, the more levels of complexity you find. 

In other words, you don’t understand Roulette if you believe it’s just a game of watching a small ball bounce around a wheel and throwing chips at random spots on the table. You may certainly play it that way, but intelligent players are wiser. They understand that there are proper and improper strategies for playing Roulette.

But before strategies, let’s talk more about the game in general and how you can win.

The difference between traditional and crypto Roulette

Roulette in crypto casinos, like Fortunejack, follows the same basic concepts as regular Roulette. On the table is a Roulette wheel. After altering your bets, you must spin the wheel to see where the small ball ends. You earn a return on your investment. As simple as that? Crypto Roulette is analogous to regular Roulette, except that bets are made with crypto rather than actual money.

Roulette: What is it, and how to play it? 


The object of Roulette is to anticipate the slot number that the ball will land in to win the associated prizes for your bet. Before the croupier spins the wheel to begin a new round, players must make their wagers.


The components of Roulette are a wheel and a betting table. There are 37 segments on the wheel that are numbered 0 to 36. The numerals are denoted by the colors red and black, with 0 being green. The European style is typical in all bitcoin online Roulette games.

On the other hand, American Roulette games include 38 parts rather than 37. The numbers are arranged differently than in the European version, and there is an additional green 00 pocket.

Usually, an online bitcoin Roulette casino offers both variations. This allows you to experience the differences between the two versions and the prizes each game provides.

The available betting types

While playing bitcoin Roulette online, you may place various wagers on the Roulette table, including:

  • Inside bets

You make these kinds of wagers within the rectangle that contains all the numbers. These wagers operate differently, and the payments that correlate with them vary depending on the bet.

  • Outside bets

With outside bets, you may place a wager on sets of numbers or colors as opposed to single ones. This is because they are often located outside the table’s main rectangular surface.

But how do you win at Roulette? – Study various strategies

Betting systems are some of the most effective bitcoin Roulette tactics. These are methodical and tried-and-true ways to gamble that can improve your odds of beating the house. The top betting strategies include:

  • D’Alembert’s approach

The D’Alembert technique may help you win at live bitcoin Roulette. With this approach, you’ll raise your wagers by one unit after each setback and reduce them similarly after a victory.

  • Martingale technique

Using the Martingale betting technique is a well-liked bitcoin Roulette winning method. You must double your wagers every time you lose using this strategy. All your losses will be made up if you strike a victory, and your wager will return to its original amount.

  • Labouchere approach

When you use Labouchere betting to play crypto Roulette online, you may more effectively manage your bankroll by dividing your bets into smaller amounts. After that, add the first and final digits to get your wager total, which you will then cross. Work your way through your number list, then do it repeatedly until you win the required sum.

Final remarks

We’ve provided all the information you need before playing online Roulette. Now it’s up to you to find a decent crypto casino, where you can enjoy a great playing environment and benefit from unique bonuses and promos. Such casinos provide the utmost crypto-Roulette experience you can possibly conceive.