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Danilo Gentili announces metaverse with caramel mutt, monsters and NFT game



Comedian and presenter Danilo Gentili, who presents the show The Night daily, on SBT, is about to launch a virtual world called “Brazuera” in the metaverse modality and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). On Sunday (23), without giving further details, Gentili made a simple post about the initiative.

“Times are dark. But there is still hope. Do you believe this?” he wrote on his Instagram account.

Along with the post, the comedian published a rather macabre illustration, which suggests that he is on top of a giant caramel mutt and armed with arms; one with a machine gun, the other with a chainsaw.

In the lower part of the illustration, a lot of skulls among rubble formed by bones and weapons. A highlighted text confirms, in English, the phrase: “There’s still hope”.

The post also indicates the site for Brazuera — the term seems to have been thought of as a combination of ‘brazuca’ + ‘zueira’, which would be the ‘face’ of Gentili. However, there is no such information. Also on Sunday night, the same announcement was made on Twitter.

On the Brazuera website — which highlights the phrase “Yes, We Zuera” — Danilo Gentili signs a synopsis, describing his metaverse world with monsters and giants, the challenge and the quest for victory in a devastated space. “It is beyond imagination that we will find the strength to defeat them,” reads an excerpt.

Moving on to the technical part, Gentili says that anyone interested in the collection of NFTs can “be part of a community that has dared to bet on the valorization of an idea” and “advance this hostile wilderness in favor of freedoms”. For him, says the text, it is “a value that is still virtual in our real country”.

About the “Vira-Lata Caramelo” that stands out among the figures, Gentili says the following:

“This is our spirit and it is what guides us! We are a raceless people, although we have all races in one, we can be as smart as snakes but we are docile like sparrows, we survive the worst conditions of abandonment without ever losing tenderness”.

The site invites the user to buy an NFT, which will give him “the right to citizenship in BRAZUERA”. For now, a waitlist has been activated. After the launch, which according to information on the website will be made on the 28th of the Flow Podcast, the project should allow open purchases directly with a decentralized cryptocurrency wallet. The value to lie a new virtual world NFT was not reported.

It is worth remembering that Danilo Gentili’s first contact with the metaverse occurred indirectly, when the SBT television network launched a collection of NFTs. In it, Gentili stood out as “Danilo Sinatra in Concert”, a version of the presenter of “The Noite”.

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