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Baleia transfers BRL 9 billion in Bitcoin and pays less than BRL 4 in fee



A Bitcoin whale made a transfer of 81,872 BTCs on Wednesday afternoon (26) and paid only US$ 0.70 in fee, which is approximately R$ 3.70. Considering the current price of BTC, of ​​US$ 20.7 thousand (R$ 109.6 thousand), the value of the transfer was US$ 1.6 billion (about R$ 9 billion).

As shown by the data on the Bitcoin blockchain, the operation was carried out on block 760399, at 2:36 pm yesterday, and the BTCs left the portfolio 3M219KR… to two other addresses: bc1qm34… and 33qFJKZ…, which received, respectively, 30,000 BTCs and 51,841 BTC.Source:

The fee amount of BRL 3.70 refers to the charge of 3,392 satoshis, which gives 20.7 sats per byte, with the transaction fees calculated. Therefore, the bitcoin “whale”, as holders of large amounts of BTCs are called, paid only 0.000000041% of the fee amount.


The low fees charged to investors to have their transaction added to the blockchain reflects a moment of tranquility in the bitcoin network.

According to the BitInfoCharts chart, the average transaction fee for the market-leading cryptocurrency has shown little fluctuation since the beginning of the year. Over the past three months, fees have been between $0.80 and $1.

Source: Bitinfocharts

Bitcoin price

This Thursday morning (27), the price of Bitcoin oscillates by 0.5% both down and up. For the week, BTC has appreciated by around 8% and, in the last thirty days, the gain is only 2.5%, according to information on the data platform Coinmarketcap.

The cryptocurrency market has also reached the $1 trillion market cap, but it is still a long way from the all-time high of nearly $3 trillion recorded in November last year, when BTC was worth around $67,000. .

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