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Filecoin Launches Content Distribution Network, Aims to Onboard More Contributors



The launch of Saturn CDN will kickstart the protocol’s quest to expand globally.

Decentralized storage network Filecoin has launched a new content distribution network (CDN) called ‘Saturn.’ According to Protocol Labs – the developers of Filecoin, the new network will contribute to its storage by helping it meet content bandwidth. Saturn will also help reduce the cost of running Filecoin nodes among many other benefits it brings along.

Saturn to Bring More Content Contributors to Filecoin

As it were, CDNs constitute a significant part of the internet. They are responsible for the ability of websites to perform optimally and quickly retrieve information that will be delivered to end users.

Therefore, similarly, Saturn will help decentralized apps (dApps) retrieve content and information. The network will also work as a support to the protocol’s main data storage.

Interestingly, Protocol Labs only began building Saturn a few months ago. But more than its content delivery intent, Protocol Labs says it also considered the network’s accessibility to public contributors. For this reason, the developers attempted to lessen the cost of becoming a contributor to Filecoin.

It should be noted that before the launch of Saturn, contributing to the Filecoin network requires one to first become a Storage Provider (SP). But becoming an SP is expensive and also requires a large amount of storage capacity (minimum 10 terabytes). That is a far cry from the 1 terabyte (TB) of storage needed to run a node on Saturn CDN.

So, essentially, Saturn will let in more contributors, while also allowing them to earn the protocol’s native currency FIL.

Global Expansion Goals

According to Filecoin Saturn Lead Ansgar Grunseid, the launch of Saturn CDN will kickstart the protocol’s quest to expand globally. He said in part:

“With a lower barrier of entry for network participants and faster, more robust retrievals from IPFS and Filecoin, Saturn unlocks the next generation of Filecoin’s growth and impact.”

Protocol Labs boasts of hundreds of projects currently using the Filecoin protocol. They include, Fleek, PowerLoom, Voodfy, Web3.Storage, Secured Finance, LivePeer, Ocean Protocol, and many others.

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