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Chilliz Price Predicted to Reach $0.5 Before World Cup but These Projects Could Outperform it



Chiliz is expected to pump in the coming weeks ahead of the World Cup – but analytics platform Dash 2 Trade, carbon offsetting protocol IMPT, and play-to-earn project Calvaria are expected to outperform the fan token provider before the end of the year.

With the eyes of the world turning their attention to the Fifa World Cup in Qatar in November, many crypto analysts and traders are expecting Chiliz (CHZ) to pump, given its close relationship with football clubs such as Barcelona, Juventus, and Manchester City.

CHZ Price Recap

The fan token is down by around 30% in 2022, which is relatively good compared to other coins on the market, which have seen much harsher losses.

In fact, in anticipation of the upcoming tournament, the token has made steady gains in recent weeks and is up 77% in 90 days – one of the biggest movers in the whole space.

Currently trading at just shy of $0.20, an 11% rise in the last seven days, CHZ is expected to continue rising.

By the time the tournament kicks off on November 20, traders are forecasting the token to break $0.50 – which would represent a 150% increase from its current price.

While a 1.5x return is substantial, the best crypto presale projects can return 10x or more.

Dash 2 Trade – Crypto Intelligence Platform Utilizing Range of Insights

Dash 2 Trade is a new analytics platform that aims to help crypto investors maximize their potential for gains by using a range of metrics.

The dashboard includes trading signals that highlight buying/selling opportunities, tracking social sentiment and analyzing on-chain data to notify users of the latest trends in the space.

There will also be alerts on new coin listings, while the platform is building a bespoke scoring system to rank the best new crypto presale projects.

Dash 2 Trade, which is accessed via a monthly subscription in three tiers, also includes a range of trading tools to optimize strategies. There is also a back-testing tool to test theories in real-time without risking capital.

The project is currently enjoying a hugely successful presale that raced through the first phase and raised nearly $2 million in just three days.

There will be nine phases in total, with 700 million of the 1 billion max supply available and no vesting period, with the native D2T token seeing a price increase at each stage.

While phase 1 tokens sold for $0.0467, phase 9 tokens will sell for $0.0662, an increase of 39%.

For more information on Dash 2 Trade, read the whitepaper and join the Telegram group.

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IMPT – Carbon Offsetting Protocol Making Carbon Credits Tradeable

IMPT is another exciting presale project that has attracted huge interest since launching in mid-October.

The protocol, which aims to help fight global warming by increasing the carbon offsetting efforts of individuals and businesses, has just sold out its first stage – raising $10 million in only three weeks.

Tokens are now available at $0.023 and will sell in the third and final stage at $0.028 – a 55% increase from the stage one price of $0.018.

The green crypto project will fight the climate crisis by making carbon credits fully tradeable and allowing individuals to also acquire them while shopping.

Globally recognizable retailers and brands such as Microsoft, LEGO, and Amazon have already partnered with IMPT.

The credits, which can also be bought and sold on the IMPT marketplace, are effectively permits which allow a company to offset their greenhouse gas emissions by funding other conservation projects.

Read the IMPT whitepaper for more information or join the Telegram group.

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Calvaria – Unique Play-to-Earn Project with Free-to-Play Game

The final new presale to consider over Chiliz is Calvaria, a battle card-based play-to-earn gaming project that wants to attract casual gamers to the blockchain.

While most crypto games require expensive NFTs and knowledge of blockchain technology to even play, Calvaria is developing two games – play-to-earn and free-to-play versions of Duels of Eternity.

The project wants to entice regular players into the world of crypto by other means.

The free-to-play game will feature a lifetime tracker that will show players how much they could have earned if on the P2E version, while there will also be gamified educational tools that distribute rewards to learn about the technology.

The project is currently in stage 1 of its 10-stage presale.

More information on Calvaria can be found on the project’s whitepaper and in the Telegram group.

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