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Ethereum Price

Ethereum Price Over $1,500 While These ERC20 Token Presales Also See Buyers



Ethereum soared past $1,500 as the crypto markets finally woke up as billions of dollars flooded the market – while investors also flocked to buy into hot new crypto presale projects Dash 2 Trade, IMPT, and Calvaria.

In fact, the whole crypto market saw green candles across the board as the total crypto market cap shot up 7% – just shy of $1 trillion – and volume increased to $113 billion, a 135% increase on the previous 24hrs.

Ethereum Price Surges Over 24hrs

Ethereum was one of the biggest winners on the day with ETH flying past $1,500 to currently trade just shy of $1,600.

It marks a 14% increase in 24 hours for the coin, making it the third biggest mover overall, as volume reached a massive $38 billion – a 260% increase.

ETH remains way down in 2022 and from its all-time high, but the jump comes as huge relief for investors after six weeks of struggles which saw the coin dip as low as $1,200.

The surge in the crypto markets appears to have been catalyzed by Rishi Sunak been appointed Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Mr Sunak wants to make the UK a crypto hub and lawmakers will now recognize crypto as a regulated financial instrument.

With crypto prices surging, shrewd investors also took up positions in three of the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies in the space.

Dash 2 Trade – Trading Signals Platform to Maximize Returns

Dash 2 Trade has already become one of the best new cryptos to invest in this year after selling out the first phase of its presale in just three days and raising nearly $2 million.

The project aims to help traders and investors maximize returns on their crypto holdings by offering a range of tools, insights, and metrics to help users make more informed decisions.

The dashboard will feature trading signals for buying and selling opportunities, a range of strategy-building and social trading tools, and alerts for new coin listings.

It will also track on-chain data and social sentiment to spot developing trends, and a new scoreboard is being developed to rate and rank new presale projects.

Built on Ethereum by the same team behind Learn2Trade, which has 70,000 global users, the taxless D2T token will grant users access to three tiers of features on a monthly subscription basis.

There will be nine stages of presale, with tokens rising in price from $0.0467 to $0.0662 – a 39% increase – with 700 million of the max 1 billion supply available and no vesting period.

Read the Dash 2 Trade Dash 2 Trade whitepaper and join the Telegram group for more information.

Visit Dash 2 Trade Presale

IMPT – Green Crypto Protocol Fighting Climate Crisis

IMPT is another ERC-20 project built on energy-efficient Ethereum that wants to help ease the climate crisis using blockchain technology.

The project will offer individuals and businesses the chance to earn carbon credits and trade them to help increase carbon offsetting efforts.

Credits act as a permit for companies to emit greenhouse gases as they also fund conservation projects globally.

IMPT not only wants to make carbon credits fully tradeable but allow individuals to earn them while shopping.

More than 10,000 global retailers – including Amazon, and Microsoft – have already partnered with the project to make that happen.

Now entering the second phase of its three-stage presale, IMPT has already secured more than $10 million in funding in just three weeks.

The IMPT whitepaper and Telegram group have more information for interested investors.

Visit the IMPT Presale

Calvaria – Gaming Project with Two P2E and F2P Versions to Attract Gamers

The final presale project is Calvaria, a new card battle gaming project that is offering play-to-earn and free-to-play versions of its game.

Calvaria is also offering players the chance to win two tokens – RIA, which will be used for staking and governance, and eRIA, which are won as rewards for winning tournaments.

The main game, Duels of Eternity, will be offered in two versions as the developers want to attract new players to the space in a different way.

While most blockchain games require expensive NFTs and knowledge of blockchain tech to even get started, Calvaria will have a free-to-play game to slowly introduce players to the benefits of P2E.

The free game will include a lifetime tracker, to show how much a player could have earned in the P2E version, and gamified educational tools to help players learn about the blockchain and earn rewards.

Calvaria is in the first stage of its three-stage presale and is also giving away $100,000 in tokens.

More information on Calvaria can be found in the whitepaper and Telegram group.