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Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining studies new technologies



Bitcoin mining. Photo: Unsplash

the mining of bitcoin it is very energy intensive and this is due to the processing requirement of countless supercomputers, which are used, by the thousands, to generate new units of BTC.

The United States and Europe have increased pressure on this activity, including the participation of entities linked to the crypto universe. In America, regulators have emphasized that “mining companies bitcoin should use environmentally responsible technologies or be banned from mining altogether.” Even 10 days ago the greentimes reported a similar line across the ocean.

In view of this, two initiatives are available below that seek alternatives to the BTC mining process.

immersion cooling

Fabric Systems, a company of hardware cryptocurrency, has secured support (investment) of 13 million dollars to develop more efficient machines, whose focus is on an immersion cooling system and an accelerator.

This cooling is done in a thermally conductive liquid, precisely to make it more efficient in terms of consumption (energy) and performance (use of fewer computers to generate BTC).

As for the crypto algorithm accelerator, the objective is to bring more speed and efficiency to the performance of mathematical calculations in the blockchainthus allowing the zero knowledge tests.

Such proofs are a cryptographic method used to expose that something can be known, but without the need to reveal the data directly. That is, privacy is treated as an advantage or benefit.

The company’s founder, Michael Gao, believes that this technology should become a standard in the market.

heat recovery

MicroBT and Heat Core companies are working on a pilot project that involves hydraulic cooling and a heat recovery system, where the latter uses an integrated energy and hashing.

This heat could now be directed to other demands such as heating domestic and commercial environments.

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