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Orbeon Protocol vs Polkadot: Which Crypto Project Will Survive the Crypto Winter?



The crypto winter still looms over the market, but there are many new projects on the market that are getting the attention of crypto investors. Two projects on the market making waves are Orbeon Protocol (first phase of presale is now live and tipped to rise by 6,000%) and Polkadot. Although different, their utility and real-world use cases have already fascinated many crypto enthusiasts.

Read on to find out what they are and whether they may be suitable for your portfolio.

Orbeon Protocol – Revolutionizing an Industry

Orbeon Protocol is an investment platform that is fundamentally changing the venture capital and crowdfunding industry. Large institutional firms have always had the advantage over smaller investors when being presented with opportunities to invest in the world’s most promising start-ups. Orbeon has created a platform where individual investors can buy fractionalised NFTs of web3’s top crypto projects and invest in these businesses from as little as $1.

Orbeon Protocol offers investors added peace of mind with it’s unique “Fill or Kill” mechanism. Investors receive their capital back if the start-up they invested in fails to reach its funding objectives, creating a much safer platform than the traditional venture capital and crowdfunding firms.

Still in its presale stage, the benefits of Orbeon Protocol to businesses and investors is substantial. Orbeon Protocol’s native token is currently worth $0.004 and set to rise to $0.24.

Can Polkadot Survive the Crypto Winter?

In recent weeks, the broader sentiment behind Polkadot (DOT) has not been positive. Polkadot’s launch of its first set of parachains failed to impress investors last year and despite continued investment from major funds, Polkadot (DOT) token has not achieved its desired price action.

Whether Polkadot has a future or not depends on its ability to maintain its development activities and continue onboarding new projects. The crypto winter, which has seen many projects fail. Polkadot has crashed by no less than 85%, and is still struggling to recover.

Polkadot Vs Orbeon: Which One Should You Invest In?

If you are looking for an innovative project, Orbeon Protocol shows great potential and is a great option for an investor’s portfolio.

Orbeon is disrupting the traditional crowdfunding and venture capital industry. Many of the projects on the market are struggling to provide real world utility and continue to innovate. Orbeon Protocol has many real-world use cases that provide small investors with the ability to buy into innovative businesses regardless of their background or the need to outlay vast amounts of initial capital.

Polkadot however is slowly losing momentum and is off its all-time high as of 2021. October may prove pivotal in seeing the direction the market sees the project going and the faith of its investors that things can be turned around. One potential bullish driver is the Polkadot Dev Camp program, an educational initiative that aims to teach developers how to build using the blockchain’s framework Substrate and contribute to Polkadot’s ecosystem.

Whether you decide to buy the dip or not, the market is still bearish and Polkadot (DOT) may well register further losses before it finally manages to break through its current resistance levels to new all-time highs.

Bottom Line

Orbeon Protocol is a revolutionary platform that  many retail investors have been waiting for. Its ability to onboard innovative businesses to the platform and allow investors to invest in web3s most promising startups from as little as $1 is unheard of in the traditional venture capital and crowdfunding space.

Orbeon Protocol just went live with its presale with the price of the token currently at $0.004. Many industry experts have predicted a drastic increase to $0.24 (6,000%) as demand for the token continues to rise.

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