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Winter Crypto and Bitcoin. The Trader’s Perspective



Cryptocurrencies emerged as a response to market demands. Bitcoin, for example, emerges after yet another crisis generated by monetary policy and fiat currency. In view of the problem of the lack of scarcity of fiat currencies and no market incentive, he came as a problem solver for this issue. What we describe here is part of the fundamentals of Bitcoin, which many of its buyers use as a justification for acquiring Bitcoin.

However, the market also has its speculative side, where the buying and selling of bitcoin takes place, given an expectation of making more profit in the future. From this financial operation, the possibility of profit makes it possible for an investor to earn a living from his trades, leading to a living on income. A dream that many have, but few manage to achieve. A major factor that acts as a barrier is human feeling: emotions. No wonder, one of the best-known books on investor behavior, “The Axioms of Zurich”, shows that a large part of the choices that lead to a scenario opposite to that of profit are human emotions.

These human emotions become a weapon against us, especially when we hear from people on the internet that our dreams can be conquered, but that, for that, it is necessary to “acquire their course”. Often, just viewing your content is reward enough. It is being talked about the so-called “Guru of the financial market”. Guru usually has a “guide” aspect, but in this case, they are people whose attitudes are deliberately cunning, in order to gain advantage from others.

A true educator or guide, seeing a person who dreams of being a professional trader and making a living from it, needs to make things clearer. You will lose money and you will make money, what you cannot let happen is that it emotionally affects your life to the point of influencing your future decisions. Big names in the trading world have already lost a lot of money and if it could happen to them, it will happen to you too – and it’s important that you know how to deal with it.

This and much more you can see in the video.

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