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Hacker attacks again and steals R$ 4 million in NFTs



Less than ten days after stealing BRL 5 million in ETH, the famous hacker known as Monkey Drainer attacked again. This time he wreaked havoc once more after stealing 27 NFTs worth US$800,000 – around R$4 million in current values.

According to expert blockchain researcher ZackXBT, the hacker stole seven CryptoPunks and 20 NFTs from the Otherside collection. The latter is linked to the metaverse of the trendy Bored Ape Yatch Club (BAYC).

Following ZachXBT’s alert, security firm PechShield also confirmed the attack. According to a tweet published by the company, the attack came from a wallet marked as the property of Monkey Drainer.

understand the attack

PeckShield reported how the hacker managed to steal the funds. According to their data, the 20 stolen NFTs have a value of 520 ETH. Of this total, the hacker managed to obtain 320 ETH, or about BRL 2.6 million.

Then Monkey Drainer moved that amount to two different addresses. The hacker sent 120 ETH to an address under his control, then sent another 200 ETH to Tornado Cash.

Therefore, the hacker must have changed the origin of the funds and tried to unlink the ETH from the attack. But according to Etherscan, the wallet linked to the hacker has only $0.19 worth of ETH. That is, the attacker must have already withdrawn all funds and not just 320 ETH.

Second attack in less than 10 days

ZachXBT was also the investigator who revealed Monkey Drainer’s participation in the attack on the wallets of users AJT and Gabriel Leydon. The hacker is notorious for his involvement in cryptocurrency and NFT theft cases.

“Before that, he had other major attacks as well,” the detective said.

The notorious scammer embezzled 700 ETH worth over BRL 5 million at the time. This attack took place less than a week ago and involved the use of malicious phishing sites.

As reported by CriptoFácil, one of the victims lost a BAYC, an NFT from the CloneX collection, as well as 36 thousand USDC and 12 other NFTs. In total, this loss was R$ 750 thousand. The other victim held more than R$30 million worth of cryptocurrencies, but ended up losing only R$1 million because she rejected the other transaction requests.

Monkey Drainer is well known for using phishing-based hacking techniques to steal funds from victims by creating fraudulent cryptocurrency and NFT websites.

Unpretentious users who enter sensitive data about their digital wallets and sign transactions allow Monkey Drainer to access their funds.

According to the latest research by Chainalysis, the month of October recorded more than BRL 3 billion in cryptocurrency-related crime losses in October alone. In November, there were four attacks in the first four days of the month.

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