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NFT on the Apple Store, friend or villain?



Apple has just updated its policy regarding the use of NFTs and interaction in the Apple store, this change could bring about a profound change in the industry. With the possibility for developers to sell NFTs through payment through the application, this novelty brought several reactions on social networks, mainly due to Apple’s 30% tax on the value of NFTs. We will better understand this change.

NFTs that have as one of their main objectives to operate in environments where decentralization takes place and avoid large market rates, are now seeing that change.

Especially with Apple committed to to guarantee that the users do not evade these fees and use cryptocurrencies to pay by NFT on the App Store, Por that included more restrictions. The company said what an app he can to allow that the users view their own NFT, as long as the property from NFT do not unlock resources at the application.

The same way, you users can view NFTs belonging to others. Since the apps no contain buttons, links external or others appeals the action that direct the customers for mechanisms of purchase other than the purchase in the app.

Soon after, Apple says that the apps should be graduates in the countries on what operate. this can complicate life in platforms what perform operations separated.

The NFT Enthusiasts interpret The change in different ways. Some people show your optimism with caution. Some verbalize doubts frankly.


On the downside of Apple we see Apple charging huge fees, the company was already sued years ago for charging high transaction fees. Requiring in-app payments and restricting trading can delay users from using the assets. In addition, all NFT’s usefulness of having benefits is restricted on the platform, taking some of the essence of NFTs.

“NFTs are fundamentally one technology web3, and to apply Principles web2 like the Apple App Store is like put on a pin round in a hole square”, said O executive from Astaria, De Kock.

“Of course you can adjust it, but it’s not ideal. THE policy of the App Store is what naturally we expected from Apple. However, the implementation lacks in an understanding differentiated from the market that is trying address”, added.


As much as there are several negative points, if Apple makes NFTs available, this will allow more than a billion people to be exposed to them. Consequently, without major difficulties or need to understand about cryptocurrencies.

Some observers argue that Apple has an advantage comparative. because people can purchase the NFT using coin trustee. This will attract those think cryptocurrencies is difficult to participate from the market.

Still, this advantage may not be much useful. high fees in transaction than 30% can be a potential off-side.

Regardless of whether it is good or bad, the volume of the NFTs industry will exceed 23 billion in 2022. Therefore, it is inevitable that the market will take a direction where companies will expose themselves to the market and profit from it. Apple is living proof of that right now.

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