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Rádio Mix FM, from SP, launches podcast about cryptocurrencies with Binance



Rádio Mix FM, a São Paulo radio station with more than 20 years of history, announced the creation of the CriptoMix podcast, which has the support of Binance to expand education about the cryptocurrency universe in Brazil.

The program will be led by Conrado Grandino, musician (bassist of NX Zero) and entrepreneur, and by presenter and communicator Bruna Allemann, and premieres this Tuesday (8/11).

According to the official announcement, CriptoMix will have 24 weekly episodes in the first season, with 30 minutes for each episode. It airs on Tuesdays at 7 am on the Rádio Mix profile on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and on the Brazilian radio website.

At the station, the episodes will be made available in pill format throughout the program.

It is not today that Binance has been promoting actions around the world to bring education about cryptocurrencies and blockchain to diverse audiences in an accessible and free way. Binance Academy, for example, is a free learning portal with educational articles, videos, and online courses on blockchain, cryptocurrencies, investments, and more. The institution also conducts courses and training for students at several universities around the world to educate on topics such as cryptocurrencies and Web3.

Expanding knowledge about digital assets is essential for people to be able to navigate the crypto world responsibly. Binance is committed to disseminating information on several fronts – on its website, in content courses on the Binance Academy and in partnerships with other vehicles like this one.“says Carolina Matos, Binance’s Director of Public Affairs for the Americas.

We have entered a new era of the relationship between money and people. That’s why we created Cryptomix. The purpose of the chat is to share basic knowledge with Rádio Mix listeners who have not yet invested in the cryptocurrency universe. As a big market enthusiast, I want to be a facilitator and help others take their first steps in the world of decentralized finance.“, comments Conrad.

In the first episode, Conrado Grandino and Bruna Allemann talk about the history of money, going from the period of the agricultural revolution and barter to the digitization and creation of cryptocurrencies. Throughout the first season, the listener will follow chats about blockchain, metaverse, NFTs and other disruptive topics.

Rádio Mix FM is broadcast in São Paulo on frequency 106.3. MIX leads the audience in the young-adult segment and is one of the largest entertainment content platforms in the country.

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