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Enjoy the 2022 World Cup and Win up to $2,100,000 with BC.GAME



Since Fifa World Cup 2022 has started, BC.GAME, the best betting platform in 2022, is ready to surprise its users. It prepared numerous promotions and a giveaway, and signed a new partnership with AFA. All these were planned to offer its users the best Fifa 2022 experience.

Fifa World Cup 2022 started on November 20. This year’s edition will be in Qatar, the first country in the Middle East to host such an event. Fifa 2022 will include 64 matches in different cities. Especially for this Word Cup edition, BC.GAME created a separate page named Coco’s carnival, where players and bettors can make predictions and win.

The prizes prepared by BC.GAME are various and attractive. If football fans predict correctly, they could win a $100,000 prize pool. Also, players can take part in a BC.GAME giveaway that is offering a $2,100,000 prize pool and a Tesla.

World Cup 2022 Prediction Prizes

Now that the BC.GAME website has been redesigned, it offers more features that should be enjoyed by all its users. Those who wish to bet on major leagues, especially the World Cup, can benefit from numerous promotions: prediction prize pools and giveaways.

On the BC.GAME separate page, called Coco’s carnival, football fans can predict the winners of the 64 matches and get up to a $100,000 prize pool. Sports bettors and players can enjoy one of the most awaited events of 2022 and win numerous prizes.

The rules of participation are:

  • Clear and accurate predictions;
  • The promotion can be joined by all players with VIP 4 and above;
  • One player per household is allowed to join the game;
  • Multiple claims or players with combo bets will be disqualified from the promotion;
  • The prize pool will be divided equally if more than one player has the same prediction;
  • All predictions must be made by November 26, 2022, at 00:00 UTC;
  • All predictions made after this date will not be taken into consideration.

How to Enter BC.GAME Giveaway?

Besides the prediction prizes, BC.GAME organizes a huge giveaway, where bettors and players can win a Tesla and a $2,100,000 prize pool.

  • The information for participating in the $2,100,000 prize pool giveaway is available from November 20, 2022, until December 19, 2022;
  • The details for the Tesla giveaway can be accessed from November 20, 2022, until December 10, 2022. 

What Else Does BC.GAME Bring?

Beyond the previous promotions, BC.GAME keeps up its collaborations and development to offer its customers the best experience possible. The Argentine Football Association has now officially partnered with BC.GAME.

As a result of this collaboration, the crypto casino platform will now assist the Argentine national team as its sponsor. Additionally, this partnership will give football gamblers an exciting World Cup 2022 experience.

Let’s not forget that BC.GAME has always stood out for its constant development and improvements to the platform. No doubt why it has been named “the best betting platform of the year” in 2022. Since the site’s UI is mobile-friendly, players who want to bet can also access it using the mobile browser on their smartphone.

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If you are also a football fan, these BC.GAME promotions cannot be missed. More details are available on the official website of BC.GAME. Connect with them on Twitter or Telegram to be the first to catch the news.