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Cardano (ADA) Charles Hoskinson on Opt Out Choose Crypto



For those who are overwhelmed by the chaos in the cryptocurrency space, this is the space where even the most brilliant and discipline minded personalities felt tested. Just to say “It is completely possible to completely step away and not need to be in the loop of cryptocurrency and chaos”. You are not alone if the cryptocurrency space leaves you stressed and depressed. It helps getting to know how top leaders in the cryptocurrency space handled it.

Charles Hoskinson Cardano (ADA)

Charles Hoskinson went meditating silently in the mountains for a week. On his December 18, 2021 blog post, he wrote:

“Being the CEO of a technology company in the Cryptocurrency space is a brutal affair. There is really nothing like the 24/7 blast of information, scandals, new protocols, concepts ranging from NFTs and the metaverse to a constantly changing landscape. I’ve been in the industry for almost a decade and helped launch 4 ventures. IOG is the company that stuck for me and it has grown to nearly 600 people across more than 50 countries- not counting all the associations and vendors that we regularly engage.

This journey has left its mark on me physically and mentally. Unfortunately, the culture of startups is about progress at any personal cost. Thus, one gains weight, finds burnout a constant concern, and can’t take time off. Compound this culture with the cryptocurrency moonboy, “what have you done for me lately?”, attitude and you’re off to a damaging lifestyle. Nothing is ever good enough. No accomplishment or launch ever matters. It’s always, “what’s next, what’s better, now coin X is better.”

Obviously, the cryptocurrency space sent Charles meditating looking for “Clarity, Peace and Strength in Chaos.”

Ignoring the Noise in the Cryptocurrency Space

Charles Hoskinson on December 02, 2022:  “CBDCs + ESG + Social Credit + Social Media = GG. Our industry is the escape hatch to what’s happening. We all know it and feel it. Keep building. Ignore the noise.” And also stated, “Another day, another meditation.”

On Choosing Crypto

Charles also said, “You ever notice how everyone is angry and divided right now? It’s not an accident. The people who run the world realize that the old system doesn’t have much time left. Division is necessary to create the new- much worse- system. Opt out. Choose Crypto.”

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