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Happy Birthday Dogecoin (DOGE) Wowest 9 Year Old



Dogecoin: “Dogecoin, the accidental cryptocurrency that brings together Shibes around the world turns nine years old today!

Wow much coin. How money. So crypto. Very currency.”

Mishaboar:  Remember to be very careful with crypto. Buy with pocket money, learn to use it, learn what it is about. Do not gamble family savings, retirement money, house money, student loans (?!) on crypto. Pick projects with *potential* long term outlook. Be smart and careful. #Dogecoin

Community Reaction:

And, the most important thing: don’t spend all your money on dogecoin and then blame Elon Musk on your losses.

I don’t know, sometimes you just need to trust yourself and take a leap of faith.

“Pocket money” refers to money that Dogecoin pockets from you after you buy its cryptocurrency.

Some Interesting Dogecoin Memes:

  • Do not buy Dogecoin just because some social media crypto expert told you will get rich when you invest in it.
  • Buy Dogecoin because it is much fun, so wow, such memes, and don’t care about the price but about sharing the love.
  • Oh Dogecoin, I am just feeling real low. Do only Good every day.
  • Just because your sad and depressed doesn’t mean everyone has to be as well.
  • Dogecoin is literally a dog meme on a coin that is funny as heck – let us keep it funny.
  • Consider Donating some Dogecoins to a great cause.
  • Dogecoin is money, you can use it wherever its accepted.
  • Dogecoin is just a joke with no proper use.
  • Doge Developers carrying Dogecoin on their back for several years.
  • Throwing Dogecoin at shops that accept it as payment is like wow
  • Me grabbing another pile of Dogecoins.
  • When someone tips you your first Dogecoin it looks like wow.
  • What true love looks like is wow Dogecoin.
  • Me realizing that 1 Dogecoin is still 1 Dogecoin.
  • The first person to get a Dogecoin must have been like wow.
  • When the crypto market burns but you remember the #1 Dogecoin rule that 1 Doge = 1 Doge
  • Lord, what will bring me true everlasting happiness? Dogecoin.
  • When someone tells you to sell your Dogecoins – “We don’t do that here.”
  • When you discover that your favourite store accepts Dogecoin you are like wow.
  • Be a lot Wower, if you asked a storekeeper to accept Dogecoin.
  • Crypto experts choosing a coin looking at roadmaps, whitepapers, team pages, CEOs, CTOs, ICOs, but I look at Dogecoin and feel like WOW.


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