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90M Shiba Inu Burnt In a Week, 18M in 24 Hours



Over 90 Million Shiba Inu (SHIB) were taken out of circulation forever in the past week, 18.41 Million in the past 24 hours, and 10 Million in a single transaction.

Weekly Burns

Shiba Inu Community has destroyed 90,061,737 (90.06M) SHIB through 44 transactions in the past week.

Top Shiba Inu Burners of the week include the most prominent Community-led SHIB Burn initiatives named “SHIB Super Store” and “1Cent Ecosystem”.

SHIB Super Store

SHIB Super Store burned the most Shiba Inu tokens in the past week. On December 5th, SHIB Super Store organized its scheduled Weekly “Burn and Earn” Event. Through this event, the project sent a staggering 19,862,288 (19.86M) SHIB to the “inferno” addresses in one noteworthy transaction using SHIB Burn Portal.

1Cent Ecosystem

1Cent Ecosystem makes it to the second spot on the list of “Top SHIB Burning Projects of the Week.” 1Cent Ecosystem organized its Weekly SHIB Burn Event on December 6th, 2022. Through this event, 1Cent Ecosystem put a match to 3,909,602 (3.90M) SHIB, and 45 Bone ShibaSwap, the Governance token of Shiba Inu Ecosystem in two separate transactions.

Past 24 Hours Burn

According to stats, Shiba Inu Community has incinerated a total of 18,415,087 (18.41M) SHIB through 11 separate transactions.

Mysterious Wallet

Among those eleven transactions, the major burn comes from the mysterious wallet. According to, the mysterious wallet sent a gigantic 10,000,000 (10M) SHIB to the dead wallet in one significant transaction executed about 15 hours ago from press time.

Mysterious Wallet Burn 10 Million SHIB in a Single Transaction
Mysterious Wallet Burn 10 Million SHIB in a Single Transaction

The massive Shiba Inu burn doesn’t seem to impress SHIB investors as the price of SHIB plunged -4.41% over the last day to $0.00000881 with a 24-hour trading volume of $130,970,025 ($130.97M).


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