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Terra Classic Development Group Attempts To Take Credit For Work Done By Allnodes



Rexzy attempts to take credit for the backup Terra Station infrastructure provided by Allnodes.

Rex Harrison, AKA Rexzy (@RexYellerBelly), a senior member of TerraCVita, an independent Terra Classic development group, outlined problems the community faces when using the Terra Station and plans to fix them per a tweet from Classy yesterday, who shared Discord messages from the developer.

These issues include infrastructure instability that has affected staking and withdrawals and the lack of compatibility with the Interchain Station.

However, the message raised eyebrows. As Asobs (@Asobs_CNG), another community influencer, observed, the issues and the plans to fix them outlined by the senior TerraCVita member are almost identical to those outlined by Jared, a Terraform Labs staff, days before. Notably, it was a 79.3% match with the previous message from Jared, according to a plagiarism test carried out by Asobs, who questioned why it looked like the TerraCVita was trying to take credit for the message.

Roy Monday (@Roy_Monday) has asserted that this is a corrected version of the message from Jared. However, this does not appear to be the case, as Jared has refuted this claim.

As previously reported, Jared had written that Allnodes was currently providing backup Terra Station infrastructure as the current infrastructure is unstable. In addition, he had also stated that Allnodes, along with the Terra Rebels and TerraCVita, was amongst those working on an infrastructure solution.

In contrast, Rexzy says TerraCVita is providing the backup infrastructure, not Allnodes. In addition, he lists the Terra Rebels, TerraCVita, and TFL as the groups working on an infrastructure solution to fix stability issues. Furthermore, unlike Jared, who gives no detail on the plans to make the Classic network compatible with the Interchain Station, Rexzy asserts that TerraCVita is working with TFL on this.

“It’s not a mistake,” Jared tweeted in response to claims from Monday that he had made a mistake by saying Allnodes was providing backup infrastructure.

Consequently, it appears that Rexzy and the TerraCVita may be attempting to steal credit for the work done by Allnodes. Rexzy is yet to make any comments. Recall that Tobias Andersen, AKA Zaradar, a Terra Classic Core developer, has accused Rexzy of having a penchant for stealing other people’s work.

As reported last week, the transition of the Terra Station to the Interchain Station threatened to end Station support for the Terra Classic network. This is because TFL required Terra Classic developers to change the wallet prefix of the Classic network, which it shared with LUNAv2, a task that has never been undertaken before. In addition, developers also had to conduct other network upgrades, all of which the Terra Rebels estimate will take at least six months with an impractical deadline of December 15.

However, as later reported, TFL has found a way for Terra Station to coexist with the Interchain Station. While the Interchain Station can not support the Terra Classic network in its current state, TFL will create a clone of the existing Terra Station wallet for the Classic community, as explained by Jared.

Notably, recent developments have led to a change in development roles on the network. The Terra Rebels have handed over the support of the Terra Station to the TerraCVita while opting to focus on creating a TFL independent wallet with Rebel Station.


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