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Cardano Founder Says Critics Lying, Saying He Expected Ripple Case to End Yesterday



Charles Hoskinson has responded to another critic, who accuses him of spreading lies about the end date of the Ripple-SEC case

Mathematician and creator of Cardano Charles Hoskinson has slammed another critic of his recent statement, where he said he had heard a rumor about the end date of the SEC lawsuit against Ripple Labs giant.

Here’s what argument is about

Hoskinson tweeted, commenting on a tweet by user @CryptoKing_NFT, that “social media is terrible for communication.” He expressed regret at expecting the media to join in on spreading lies about him allegedly stating that the SEC-Ripple case would be resolved on Dec. 15 — that is, yesterday.

As reported by U.Today earlier, Charles Hoskinson publicly shared that he had heard rumors that the legal battle between Ripple giant and the securities regulator that had been ongoing for two years might be over on Dec. 15.

He stated, after watching the case very closely, that the outcome would have a catastrophic outcome for the entire crypto industry.

David Gokhshtein slammed by Hoskinson too

Less than a week ago, Hoskinson bashed the founder of Gokhshtein Media, former candidate for U.S. Congress David Gokhshtein, for spreading “fake news” about the Ripple-SEC case. Gokhshtein also stated that the Cardano founder “believes” the Ripple suit would be over on Dec. 15.

But Hoskinson insisted that he only said he had heard rumors about it. This happened during the recent AMA (“ask-me-anything”) session the Cardano founder held on YouTube.


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