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Stellar Price Prediction 2023 – 2025: When Will The XLM Coin’s Price Reach $1?



  • XLM could reach a maximum of $0.163 by the end of 2023.
  • Stellar could cross the $1 mark by 2030.

Stellar has been one of the most promising cryptocurrencies in the business. Developed by the Stellar Development Foundation, the currency ‘Lumen’ under the symbol XLM is traded on various exchanges. Who could predict that XLM price would increase more than 300 times in 2017? It was an excellent year for Stellar.

Stellar is a public owned company. Like Bitcoin and Ethereum, Stellar also relies on blockchain to keep the network in its place and sync. Their software runs across a decentralized, open network and handles millions of transactions each day of working. Stellar is much faster, cheaper, more energy-efficient and eco-friendly when compared with typical blockchain-based systems. This brings the XLM price prediction once again into highlight by the investors.

Investors and traders are waiting for one similar run. Will Stellar boast any such run in the near future? Dive in, as we bring to you the feasible Stellar lumens price prediction for 2023 – 2025 and the years to come.  


Price$ 0.0794
Market cap$ 0.0000
Circulating Supply$ 0.0000
Trading Volume $ 0.0000
All-time high$ 0.0000 Jan 1, 1970
All-time low$ 0.0000 Jan 1, 1970

Stellar Price Prediction

Stellar Price Prediction

Stellar Price Prediction December 2022

Source: Santiment

If the network achieves the targets in its roadmap, that includes interoperability, inclusion, increased stability, and innovation. The price of XLM could skyrocket to $0.1007, by the end of the year. On the flip side, the protocol failing to adhere to its expectations, would result in the altcoin taking a dip to $0.0795.

Collectively, factoring in the bullish and bearish targets, XLM could settle with its price at $0.0901.

Price PredictionPotential Low ($)Average Price ($)Potential High ($)
December 20220.0790.0900.100

Stellar Lumens Price Prediction 2023 

Stellar is currently verified by hundreds of Nodes across globe. Anyone can have the access of stellar core. Stellar system can easily track ownership. Stellar is a system without a central authority, this means no one can stop the network or secretly adjust the numbers to the liking.

Stellar could possibly make the most out of 2023, with newer adoptions, collaborations, and developments. Moreover, the developments of the past year could bears fruitful results, which could reflect on XLM’s price. That said, the crypto asset could hit a maximum of $0.1639 by the end of 2023. 

Conversely, negative criticism and a possible market dump, could land the price at $0.1174. Contrarily, a balance in trade activities could terminate the year 2023 at $0.1456. 

Price PredictionPotential Low ($)Average Price ($)Potential High ($)

XLM Price Forecast 2024

The folks from the industry would further increasingly rely on digital assets, and would seek assistance for storage and transfer of funds. Stellar here holds the potential to expand its presence in the industry. Materializing which, XLM’s price could propel to its potential high of $0.2167. 

In contrast, emerging rivals and stiffer competition could hinder the altcoin’s price projection to $0.1501. Successively, constraints caused by a linear projection might land XLM at $0.1834. 

Price PredictionPotential Low ($)Average Price ($)Potential High ($)

Stellar Lumens Price Prediction 2025

Considering the latest performance of XLM and its established growth. We can predict based on calculations that XLM might go up to $0.2229 by the end of 2025. On the contrary, the price may witness bearish trends after touching the highs, which could suppress the price down to $0.1629.

That said, a balance in buying and selling pressures could limit the price to average levels of $0.1929.

Price PredictionPotential Low ($)Average Price ($)Potential High ($)

Stellar Lumens Price Prediction 2026 – 2030

Price PredictionPotential Low ($)Average Price ($)Potential High ($)

Stellar Price Prediction

Price prediction of this crypto has always been under observation by investors and analysts. With developmental upgrades catering to interoperability, scalability, and innovation in place. The price of XLM could soar to a maximum of $0.10 by the end of 2022.

Contrastingly, the updates not yielding the desired results could turn bearish for the price, which could fall to $0.07.

Market Analysis

Firm Name202320242025
Trading Beasts0.120.160.16
Wallet Investor0.0520.020.05
Long Forecast0.0390.0370.03

*The aforementioned targets are the average targets set by the respective firms.

What Is Stellar (XLM)?

Stellar is an open network that facilitates storing and moving of money. The platform’s aim was to encourage financial inclusion by helping out the world’s unbanked people. However, later its priorities shifted to reaching out to the financial institution’s bridge with one another via blockchain technology.

The network has its own native token Lumens (XLM) that acts as a bridge. That makes the platform cost-efficient to trade tokens across the globe. This solves the existing problems associated with payment providers who often charge huge fees for similar kinds of services.

The ecosystem allows users to build, send and trade all forms of digital representations of money. It was created to make sure that all the financial systems across the world could work together on a single network. 


Stellar is a peer-to-peer decentralized framework that facilitates the storing and moving of funds. The network was created in 2014 by Jed McCaleb and Joyce Kim. With a ami of encourage financial inclusion by helping out the world’s unbanked people. However, the priorities have transited to bridge the financial institutions with one another via blockchain technology. 

 The protocol has its own native token Lumens (XLM) that acts as a bridge. This makes the platform cost-efficient to trade tokens across the globe which solves the persistent problems associated with payment providers who often charge huge fees for similar kinds of services. The platform allows users to build, send and trade all forms of digital representations of money.   The Stellar network is secured by the “Stellar Consensus Protocol,” which holds four vital properties. Namely, decentralised control, flexible trust, asymptotic security, and low latency. The stellar platform gives builders an open platform to reimagine systems and solutions as a network designed for speed, affordability, and utility, with 89 million payments and 7 million accounts.

Fundamental Analysis

Stellar was founded in early 2014 by Jed McCaleb and Joyce Kim. The project was born as a branch of the Ripple cryptocurrency with a total supply of 100 billion. However, the tokens were burnt and currently, the supply is reduced to $50 billion. Stellar (XLM) was built on and worked on the Ripple network early on in its growth. However, in November 2015, The Stellar team launched its network on its own protocol.

The primary focus of the platform is to provide remittances and bank loans in developing economies that are unbanked. Stellar aims to reduce transaction costs, by significantly reducing the time lags. Stellar Lumen is an altcoin that trades under the XLM symbol. 

Stellar Historical Market Sentiments 2014 – 2021

  • XLM was priced at $0.003 on Sept. 15th, 2014, shortly after its initial coin offering (ICO). 
  • A few months later in November, XLM dipped to its all-time low of $0.001227. 
  • XLM fluctuated between $0.001 and $0.003 over the coming years.
  • XLM briefly reached an all-time high of $0.05, by the mid of the year. 
  • After remaining stagnant for months, by December XLM added over 50% gains overnight, amidst Bitcoin’s run. 
  • XLM had a heroic start to the year, as it hit an ATH of $0.9381 on the 4th of January. 
  • But woefully entered into a bearish divergence. Sliding downwards including a couple of spikes, the XLM price reached $0.11 by the end of 2018.
  • 2019 was a frustrating year for Stellar, XLM had initiated the year with a price tag of $0.1. 
  • Stellar burning 50 percent of XLM coins further limited the development of the coin. The year was terminated at $0.138. 
  • XLM at the beginning of 2020 was at $0.0451. Then there was the beginning of an upward trend in July. The coin finally hit $0.118987 in mid-August. 
  • The coin continued to trade at the price range between $0.08 and $0.10 until the mid of November. The price of XLM towards the year-end was $0.12. 
  • The year 2021 was started with a trading value of $0.133.The digital asset has spiked an astonishing 224% in the first week of January.
  • The XLM price rose to hit the $0.791 mark on the 17th of May. However, the market-wide crash dragged the price to $0.202 by the 22nd of June. A downswing led to the annual closure at $0.259.


Is Stellar Lumens (XLM) a good investment?

Yes, Stellar is a good investment option for the long term, as its stout fundamentals could eventually drive the price.

Is XLM an ERC-20 token?

No, XLM serves the Stellar blockchain, it is not correlated with Ethereum.

Does Stellar Lumen have a future?

Stellar’s vision holds numerous milestones and updates, considering which, the future does seem to be bright.

What will be the maximum trading price of XLM by the end of 2022?

The digital asset is expected to hit a maximum of $0.1007 by the end of 2022.

What algorithm does Stellar use?

Stellar Consensus Protocol is the algorithm used by Stellar.

Does Stellar use mining?

No, Stellar (XLM) cannot be mined.

What will be the Maximum trading price of Stellar by the end of 2025?

The price of Stellar could reach a maximum of $0.222, by the end of 2025. With a potential surge the price may reach a maximum of $0.859 by the end of 2030

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