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Build on IOTA: New game launches and will drive adoption as more companies are using the Tangle



  • IOTAHeroes is a new Web3 gaming experience allowing users to hunt for new treasures and will run on the Layer-1 staging network Shimmer.
  • IOTA Tangle architecture makes the blockchain ideal for having in-game microtransactions.

Blockchain-based gaming is evolving very fast in the market and every major gaming company is now exploring the potential blockchain use cases. The IOTA network already has its foot in the door with many players choosing to launch their games on the IOTA platform.

A brand new Web3 gaming experience dubbed IOTAHeroes is coming soon to IOTA’s Layer-1 staging network Shimmer. The official website for IOTAHeroes shows that this would be an adventure game that allows users to hunt for treasures and explore some of the strongest adventure experiences.

Users can choose among different hero characters like Goblin, Violet Witch, Golem, Angry Chicken, etc., and send them on adventures in search of gold and other exciting equipment. Besides, users can also trade their items in exchange for others.

Although the details are scant at this point, IOTAHeroes is likely to have its own cryptocurrency with certain tokenomics and other activities.

IOTAHeroes started their development a year ago in January 2022 and launched their first test version in April on the IOTA Test EVM. Currently, the game is entirely self-funded by its two founders. Sharing their game philosophy, the founders of IOTAHeroes noted:

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We want to deliver a fun NFT game experience in the Iota Ecosystem, that is our ultimate goal. We see humility as a very important trait and refrain from making grand promises but rather want to let the game speak for itself.

Emerging gaming landscape on IOTA

IOTA is slowly becoming a preferred choice for blockchain-based gaming solutions due to its powerful Tangle technology. Since Tangle facilitates low-cost micro-transactions, IOTA becomes a perfect use-case for several game developers. Additionally, the Tangle technology of IOTA could also help in tracking the game assets along with other things.

Previously, players like Microhash have launched decentralized IOTA games like Tangle Farm. Furthermore, IOTA has its own solutions like the Lighthouse projects which allows exploring how IOTA’s features are useful through a selection of current market adoption cases. IOTA’s features like Decentralization, security, high scalability, low energy consumption, and a feeless structure, make it an ideal platform for industries that require traceable, transparent, and immutable sharing of data.


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