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Is Bitcoin Gambling Safe?



If you are familiar with the crypto industry, you may have noticed how rapidly crypto casinos are gaining popularity. With the whole market increasing daily, crypto casinos reached a level with over 300 bets placed every second.

And even though crypto gamblers place tens of millions of bets each day, some crypto enthusiasts still question the safety crypto casinos proide. And it is no wonder why, as online casinos are sometimes considered fraudulent.

Nonetheless, it may not be crypto casinos’ fault. And if you, too, are wondering whether Bitcoin casinos are safe, this article may come with some answers for you.

Crypto Gambling vs. Traditional Gambling

Indeed, crypto and traditional casinos provide various game options for those who are interested in gambling. However, they differ from one another in many ways, and this also contributes to the safety crypto casinos come with.


The crypto industry, especially blockchain technology, has a significant advantage in allowing users to complete specific actions safely. Unlike fiat payments, crypto transactions are harder to track, allowing users to maintain their anonymity if they want to.

Moreover, while traditional casinos may require user information that can be considered sensitive or confidential, crypto casinos assure players can benefit from constant and high privacy.


When gambling online, transparency is extremely important, as it can bring significantly more users to a specific platform. Crypto casinos always try to ensure they maintain their transparency, which seems to matter for many users who choose such websites over traditional online casinos.

While some regular casinos may sometimes promise extremely high rewards to those who start gambling on their website, crypto casinos tend to promise things exactly what they can deliver.

Game Variety and Winning Rates

Traditional casinos bring great opportunities to those who are looking for some intriguing games. However, crypto casinos prove to widen their game offer even more. Some platforms offer thousands of games, as well as sports betting for multiple sports. This way, crypto casinos ensure they can reach users’ expectations even more.

Moreso, crypto casinos usually have higher winning rates than regular platforms. For instance, the RTP (Return to Player) for blackjack stands over 99%, while those who choose to play slots can work with an RTP between 94% and 98%.

Crypto Gambling Tips

Choose a Licensed Bitcoin Casino

Currently, there are over 70 licensed crypto casinos in the world. And even though it may not seem that much, some provide significantly higher safety levels than others.

When it comes to bitcoin gambling, you should always make sure that your account and rewards are safe, and this is why you should carefully choose the crypto gambling platform you will use.

Keep in mind that licensed bitcoin casinos are the way to go, as they keep you safe from scams that may affect your winnings or even steal your account.

Choose a Trustworthy Wallet

Just like any other crypto-related activity, bitcoin gambling requires a wallet where you will transfer your rewards. And choosing a crypto wallet you can trust no matter what is vital. This will help you keep your digital assets safe from any kind of attack.

Furthermore, you may also want to consider a cold wallet, as this may be the safest way of storing your rewards after withdrawal.

Be Aware of Scams

As we mentioned before, even though crypto casinos are much safer than traditional ones, they still cannot be completely safe from scams. For instance, some users discover that their account information was stolen, and they cannot play as they did before.

However, you can make sure that you are as far away from scams as possible if you choose a crypto casino that is constantly working to improve its users’ safety.

For example, some bitcoin casinos provide detailed information regarding the traps players may face on such websites, as well as some official mirror lists to help users stay safe from website domains that may look similar to the official one but can harm a user’s online activity.

Research the Best Games

Indeed, bitcoin casinos offer a tremendous amount of games on their platforms. With thousands of games available on such websites, you may find it hard to choose the best one for you.

However, research is the key. Take some time and analyze games’ RTPs, as well as how they are played and what requirements they have. Once you find the best games for your needs, you may be one step closer to getting the highest rewards possible.

Final Thoughts

Bitcoin casinos have become increasingly popular over the years. Currently, there are tens of millions of bets placed every day. Still, some crypto enthusiasts question bitcoin casinos’ safety. Unlike regular casinos, bitcoin gambling websites provide a pretty high level of safety, thanks to their security features, their transparency, and the fact that users can choose to play anonymously.

To be even safer when gambling on a bitcoin casino website, you can make sure that the platform you chose is licensed, work with a trustworthy wallet, be aware of scams, and choose the suitable games for your needs.