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Analysts Send Mixed Messages on Bitcoin Bull Trap Scenario



Is it the beginning of a new bull market cycle or just a bull trap? It appears that technical analysts and industry observers are not sure either.

Bitcoin prices have pushed higher over the weekend, continuing the rally that began with the new year. The asset has now notched up a 45% gain since its cycle low of $15,665 on November 22.

However, there are mounting fears of a bull trap despite the rally still showing strength. A bull trap is a trend reversal that forces market participants on the wrong side of price action to exit positions with unexpected losses.

Bitcoin markets have been down-trending since late 2021, and the asset is still 67% away from its peak. That trend could well continue into this year.

Bitcoin Bull Trap Fears

Analyst and trader “il Capo Of Crypto,” said the recent market movements looked manipulated with no real demand. It is “the biggest bull trap I’ve ever seen,” he exclaimed over the weekend.

With the global economy in a dire state, a looming recession, and very little disposable income for investing in risk asset classes, it does seem a little premature to call it a bull market just yet.

The does appear to be more sentiment leading towards the bull trap scenario, however, with patterns such as this one appearing on Tradingview.

Others reposted that market psychology chart that pops up during every bear market.

The bulls countered with an observation of how much prices had moved off the floor.

“When price has moved 50% off the lows it’s not a bull trap anymore, it’s a move that you have missed.”

Popular analyst and chart guru ‘PlanB’ remains confident that the bear market is over.

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