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Dell and IOTA partnership for sustainable energy and digital cities are the future for blockchain and industry



  • Dell plans to transform the urban mobility landscape through an ISS-enabled infrastructure and deliver cost-effective paths for effective traffic management as well as improved citizen safety.
  • Dell and IOTA are also working together on Project Alvarium for real-time tracking of carbon footprint.

The IOTA Foundation is building up a legacy of its own in building sustainable solutions for different industry use cases. Now, Dell Technologies has partnered with IOTA in order to bring sustainable energy uses to the digital cities of the future.

The two players are looking to transform Urban Mobility using Intelligent Security systems (ISS) enabled by Dell infrastructure. Also, the solution takes a combined approach with analytics, video recording and control center modules running on a dedicated compute environment.

Besides, the solution by Dell and IOTA will deliver cost-effective paths for effective traffic management as well as improved citizen safety. With this solution in place, transport authrotieis will benefit from Enhanced situational awareness, Increased Compliance, Faster Response to Incidents, Optimized traffic management, and violation detection and tracking. In its announcement, Dell Technologies noted:

The solution architecture also provides a flexible, scalable infrastructure to build future smart city initiatives on. At a time of rapid urban growth, this solution facilitates faster technology uptake and maximizes return on civic resources.

By integrating, testing, and validating solutions in Dell labs, we are working to reduce deployment risk, increase system reliability, reduce support costs, and gain a proven, repeatable architecture

Dell and IOTA

Both Dell and IOTA have joined hands in the past to build innovative new solutions catering to industry needs. Last year in June 2022, Dell Technologies partnered with IOTA in building real-time carbon footprint data. With this, Dell and IOTA will educate individuals and organizations on the impact of carbon footprint and how one can limit the same.

Also, partnering with IOTA makes sense since the IOTA blockchain network is one of the most energy-efficient networks in the market. Furthermore, Dell has been aggressively promoting the Alvarium project for increasing transparency as well as real-time tracking of the carbon footprint.

The Project alvariu by Dell is an open-source project that focuses on enabling trust and data for industries, applications, and businesses. Dell’s goal with Project Alvarium is the effective sharing and monetization of data while maintaining high transparency while addressing the issue of climate change. Steve Todd, Fellow at Dell Technologies said

Data confidence is needed to manage data at scale, creating systems of trust in this data so users at all levels understand the terms of use. Project Alvarium will create this transparency, and the more companies that integrate it into their processes and systems, the closer we’ll come to a future without data ambiguity.


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