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IOTA’s Shimmer (SMR) Makes New Listing on Top European Exchange: Details



IOTA co-founder Dominik Schiener is excited as Shimmer’s (SMR) token achieves a new listing. Bitpanda, an Austrian crypto exchange, has announced the listing of the SMR token. “Shimmer is coming to Bitpanda. Very excited that one of the leading crypto investment platforms in Europe (and the world) is making SMR available to their users,” Schiener tweeted.

The IOTA ecosystem’s staging network, the Shimmer network, was introduced in September 2022. The Shimmer token saw its first major listing after Bitfinex announced support for the asset.

All fundamental protocol upgrades and functionality upgrades will be first made available on Shimmer to test, confirm and hasten IOTA’s technical roadmap. SMR token is the native token of the Shimmer network and will be used to settle execution fees on smart contract chains, as is the case with the upcoming ShimmerEVM chain.

The IOTA ecosystem is slated to receive significant enhancements in 2023, as was previously reported. One of these is the introduction of Shimmer EVM, which aims to significantly enhance network utility for DeFi, NFTs and more, enabling value to be moved from Layer 1 to Layer 2. The Shimmer network aspires to rank among the smart contract networks with the lowest fees for execution once the features are complete with the future ShimmerEVM launch. In other news, the partnership between Dell Technologies and IOTA to supply sustainable energy to the future’s digital cities was revealed last month. With the help of Dell’s infrastructure-enabled Intelligent Security Systems (ISS), the two companies hope to revolutionize urban mobility.

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