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Cardano Community Reacts to Criticism from Charles Hoskinson, Here’s What Happened



Renowned blockchain developer and Cardano creator Charles Hoskinson went public with a tirade about the crypto community’s lack of interest in constructive things. Hoskinson was particularly offended that a two-hour conversation on Twitter Spaces about Cardano’s upcoming governance update was all but ignored. In his view, the community is more encouraged by division,

contradictions and drama. It is about CIP-1694, a proposal to improve Cardano that would leverage the transition to the Voltaire era. The fifth and final era should produce changes to the blockchain governance structure and, according to Hoskinson himself, show everyone how decentralized governance is implemented.

Cardano community reaction  Cardano enthusiasts were not slow to react to the developer’s outburst, and opinions were divided. Some of them said that such lectures are incomprehensible to ordinary people and that they do not find it interesting to listen for two hours about governance or staking changes to Cardano, which do not even exist yet. Some,

however, have explicitly expressed their interest in the project only in terms of investments that ADA, Cardano’s native token, has not yet justified, according to them. As U.Today previously reported, 80% of current ADA holders’ addresses are suffering losses.

Many, on the other hand, expressed the view that the discussion on the topic was interesting and that the problem is that Twitter and the media are not covering Cardano enough right now. Some, in addition,

expressed the hope that Hoskinson would acquire CoinDesk and the Cardano agenda would then be easier to broadcast.

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