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Cardano TVL Saw 20% Growth per Month, $3 Billion If ADA Hits ATH



Cardano, one of the most popular blockchain networks, is seeing significant growth in its Total Value Locked (TVL) metrics. The TVL of the Cardano network has seen an increase of 20% almost every month, highlighting the increasing popularity of the network’s DeFi ecosystem.

Recently, the TVL on the Cardano network surpassed the all-time high (ATH) mark in ADA on the network and broke the previous high. This significant milestone indicates that the DeFi ecosystem on the Cardano network is thriving and continues to grow at an impressive rate. Source:

DeFiLiama The increase in TVL on the Cardano network is partly due to growing interest in the network’s unique mechanisms and solutions based on the eUTxO model. If Cardano’s ADA price reaches its ATH, which was witnessed in September 2021, the total value of funds locked on the network would reach $3 billion, making Cardano one of the largest DeFi networks in the world. This is an impressive achievement for a network that is relatively new in the DeFi space.

Furthermore, the increasing popularity of the Cardano network’s DeFi ecosystem is attracting more developers and users to the platform. The network has already witnessed significant adoption from various blockchain projects that launched their protocols on the Cardano blockchain.

As the Cardano network continues to grow and mature, it is expected that the TVL on the network will continue to rise, attracting more users and developers to the platform. Additionally, the network’s innovative approach to blockchain technology and its commitment to sustainability make it an attractive option for those looking for an alternative to other major blockchain networks.

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