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Lead of Shiba Inu Might Be in Search of Actress for Shiba Movie, This SHIB Enthusiast Hints



The lead of Shiba Inu, who goes under the pseudonym Shytoshi Kusama, has been showing signs of attention to actress Shaun Romy recently. On March 17, she turned 29 and he posted a birthday tweet, tagging her and calling Romy his favorite actress. “Keep up the great work,” he tweeted to her. Romy tweeted back with thanks in a comment.

This happened after rumors began circulating on crypto Twitter about Shytoshi Kusama considering making a documentary about the Shiba Inu coin on Netflix. These allegations had it that the movie would feature interviews with all the creators, including, perhaps, Shytoshi Kusama himself.

Imagine making a documentary about Shiba.inu and we interview the $Shiba Army and creators … we could really have something here we know a million people will we watching it right off the bat ? Who’s with me ? However, now that Kusama has been actively tagging Shaun Romy on Twitter, and after the SHIB Metaverse advisor Marcie Jastrow was spotted having a discussion with Ted Schilowitz, the futurist at the Paramount Pictures studio, some SHIB enthusiasts seem to think that the rumored “Shib movie” may turn from a documentary into a fiction film.

Romy is an actress of Indian origin and has been famous for her roles in Bollywood movies. Prominent Shiba Inu enthusiast Lucie Sasinkova posted a tweet, suggesting that Shytoshi is either flirting with Romy or is looking for an actress for the cast of the “Shib movie.” Kusama posted a meme of a happy Shiba Inu dog in response to that tweet but with a “no comment” hashtag.

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