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Top 3 airdrops for 2023 after Arbitrum’s successful ARB token airdrop



  • In Ethereum Layer 2 networks’ largest airdrop Arbitrum ARB users claimed nearly 75% and made massive profits.
  • Post a successful ARB token airdrop, market participants look forward to zkSync, Starknet and ScrollZKP. 
  • Crypto traders gear up for the airdrops by increasing their on-chain footprint on the protocols. 

Ethereum Layer 2 networks’ largest airdrop offered users the opportunity to book profits after selling ARB on DEX and CEX. However, for those who missed the largest on-chain event in the Ethereum Layer 2 ecosystem, there are three key airdrops to look forward to. 

Experts on crypto Twitter have shared steps and guidance on how one can be eligible for the zkSync (ZKS), Starknet (STRK) and ScrollZKP (SCROLL) airdrops.

Upcoming airdrops to gear up for in 2023

Arbitrum airdrop’s success has crypto market participants airdrop farming. Traders and investors are looking for the next airdrop of 2023. While there are many, find the list of the top three below:

  • zkSync (ZKS)
  • Starknet (STRK)
  • ScrollZKP (SCROLL)

In the absence of official airdrop announcements from the projects, and lack of eligibility criteria for the airdrop, experts in the crypto ecosystem are partly speculating and making intelligent guesses on the best way to qualify for these events. These experts warn traders of scams and phishing, as seen in the case of Arbitrum.

@MingoAirdrop, a professional airdrop farmer on crypto Twitter laid out the process for users to qualify for the zkSync airdrop. The zkSync team has raised $458 million and confirmed the zkSync token earlier in 2023. 

The airdrop farmer recommends that users bridge to zkSync and prepare for the mainnet that is set to go live soon. The team recently rolled out their project on the Goerli testnet. Check the tweet thread below for the step-by-step process. 

StarkWare, the team behind Starknet announced on March 22 that the project’s alpha v0.11.0 is going to mainnet soon. The team asks users to ensure that their Starknet wallet accounts are properly upgraded to support the latest version. 

@NDIDI_GRAM, airdrop farmer and analyst on crypto Twitter shared the following process for users to increase their on-chain footprint and make themselves eligible for the upcoming STRK airdrop. 

Scroll is a zkEVM-based zero-knowledge rollup on the Ethereum blockchain. This project enables native compatibility for existing ETH applications and tools and has found utility in the community of developers. 

@rektfencer, a crypto analyst outlines the procedure to gear up for the SCROLL airdrop ahead of its announcement. The expert has outlined the process for bridging Ethereum from the Goerli testnet to Scroll’s alpha testnet and the deployment of a smart contract. 


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