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I’ll Get Shiba Inu (SHIB) Tattoo If This Happens: YouTuber ‘BitBoy Crypto’



Major crypto YouTube blogger Ben “BitBoy Crypto” Armstrong has given his view on the $1 billion class action lawsuit filed against influencers, including him, for allegedly advertising FTX. Among other statements, Armstrong said that if he is even involved in the lawsuit by the time of the verdict, he will get a tattoo of the Shiba Inu token, SHIB.

Otherwise, the blogger has no doubts about his victory and is even considering a countersuit as an investment. “I’ll make money on it, legal fees plus more,” says BitBoy Crypto. He describes his mission in the matter as achieving a precedent to protect people who cannot fight frivolous lawsuits. According to Armstrong, he will be fighting “not for himself, but for the entire crypto-influencer industry.” Bad influence A $1 billion class-action lawsuit against so-called “FTX Influencers” was filed on March 15 in Florida.

In addition to BitBoy Crypto, the plaintiffs want to hold liable Kevin “Meet Kevin” Paffrath, Graham Stephan and Andrew Jikh, as well as Creators Agency and other bloggers.

According to the lawsuit, they are all accused of promoting the services of now defunct cryptocurrency exchange FTX. The damage caused by the collapse of the exchange is estimated at around $10 billion.

For his part, Armstrong denies all allegations and says he never received money from FTX or promoted its services.

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