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Solana Killer Aptos (APT) Welcomes Lava Testnet, Here Are Benefits Attached



Aptos (APT), popularly referred to as the Solana killer, is expanding its ecosystem and onboarding new projects that can help it expand its overall utility. In a recent update, the protocol said the Lava testnet is set to go live in what will be a significant boost for developers within its ecosystem. According to the news, Lava will bring fast and reliable Aptos APIs that developers can easily use to bootstrap their applications. Lava is a big leader in API building, and the fact that it is a multi-chain Web3.0 infrastructure service provider makes it an ideal candidate to power innovation for Aptos.

Since its inception, Aptos has maintained a relatively proactive stance on floating new innovations that can position its ecosystem as a worthy rival to other Layer 1 protocols, especially Solana. As reported earlier this month, Aptos has launched the non-fungible Token (NFT) bridge on Wormhole, as it looks to foster interoperability in the Web3.0 ecosystem.

In its drive to enhance what is accessible on its platform, Aptos also welcomed the Indian TikTok, Chingari, as it deepens its ties with highly embraced players in the mainstream tech sector. Benefits for APT As a blockchain protocol with underlying tokenomics, every innovation brandished by Aptos will have a corresponding impact on the demand for the token as well as a positive undertone for the price of the digital currency. The APT cryptocurrency is currently worth just about $11.37, up by 1.36% over the past 24 hours in what appears to be a one-of-a-kind move at a time when the majority of the top altcoins are experiencing a major price slump. With Lava and the longer-term effect of all of the innovations and partnerships it is courting, APT may see additional buy-up over time, which will also boost its price.

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