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Shiba Inu Dev Stress Tests Shibarium, Here’s How It Fared Up



Shibarium, the layer-2 scaling solution for Shiba Inu, has been posting some very impressive numbers over the past few days, indicating extremely high usage of the network. Shib Pixel Pups (@ShibPixelPups), a member of the team behind Shib Pixel Pups, an NFT project based on Shiba Inu, has now revealed the reasons behind most of the network activity.

The developer explained that he wrote a script that created over 12 million wallets on the Shibarium beta, called Puppynet. He has also conducted over 3 million transactions and created about 1,620 different Shibarium based tokens on the platform.

In other words, Shib Pixel Pups has conducted a stress test to examine the performance of the Shibarium network under extreme conditions. He also clarified that the tests are specifically for high traffic situations such as games, airdrops, and other events where the network experiences increased transaction volume.

In response to a Twitter user’s criticism that the transactions displayed by the Puppynet blockchain explorer were merely “fake” transactions, the developer remarked:

It’s called testing. And now it’s over 12 million I’ve created. The transactions are correct. I ran an airdrop script I created along with many other scripts to test transaction time, resiliency, etc.

Here’s How Shiba Inu’s Scaling Solution Fared Up
The developer of the Shiba Inu-based NFT project also revealed that he created the Shib Pixel Pups DAO (SPPDAO) token for testing purposes, the first token with one million holders on Shibarium’s beta testnet. Actually, all of Shibarium’s top 4 tokens were created by the developer for testing purposes.

In terms of how mature the Shiba Inu layer-2 scaling solution testnet is, the developer shared a rather mixed interim conclusion. “There is much work that needs to be done. Namely around holder count, processing time, resiliency and reliability,” wrote Shib Pixel Pups.

The developer also found major problems with the Puppynet blockchain explorer. He cautioned:

Note that the holder counts are incorrect. The transfers should be 1:1 to the holder count with this test. If you click through via the transfers and holders, they are not even close to 1:1 and holder counts is drastically lower.

Asked about the current development progress of Shibarium in his eyes, the developer said “still unclear,” adding, “tbh, it makes it hard to test when the blockchain explorer continues to go down regularly while testing.”

Despite all the criticism, however, it remains to be said that Puppynet is still very young. In one of the last blog posts from Shiba Inu, the team stated that Shibarium will be launched in 2023, but there is no fixed launch date yet. This will certainly also depend on how many bugs are found during the test phase.

At press time, the Shiba Inu price stood at $0.00001151. Thus, SHIB failed another breakout attempt from the ascending triangle pattern yesterday, which could unlock the price for an upside potential of more than 38%.

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