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DOGE Creator Releases Important Post About Dogecoin



In a recent post, Dogecoin creator Billy Markus shed light on his current views and involvement with the cryptocurrency he created 10 years ago. The post, structured in the format of frequently asked questions (FAQ), reveals Markus’ candid opinions on Dogecoin and the market in general.

When asked if he represents Dogecoin, Markus plainly responded, “No.” Further, when questioned about any professional involvement with Dogecoin, he stated, “No. Haven’t touched it for 10 years.” This makes it clear that the developer has distanced himself from the project and is not actively involved in its current development or direction.

Markus also addressed the common misconception that he might be jealous of other coins’ and tokens’ success. In response, he said, “I literally don’t care, I just don’t like being harassed and attacked for clout.” He went on to explain that Dogecoin was created a decade ago to poke fun at the “stupid” cryptocurrency scene at the time. Today, he believes the scene has become even “stupider,” with people playing poker against each other, trying to dump their bags on one another. Markus’ main concern is the harassment he faces from the community and would like it to stop.

In the comments, he was also asked about his plans for Dogecoin and crypto in general. His tongue-in-cheek response was, “Imma make this FAQ every 2 days.” The post offers an interesting look into the thoughts of the creator of one of the most well-known and memetic cryptocurrencies. It emphasizes that the creator of Dogecoin does not actively participate in its development or represent the project in any capacity. It also serves as a reminder of the original intent behind Dogecoin, to be a light-hearted parody of the cryptocurrency landscape.

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