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Solana Pioneers AI Interaction: ChatGPT Plugin Enables Blockchain Data Access and NFT Transactions



The Solana network is adopting artificial intelligence to accelerate the interaction between its network and its users. According to a recent announcement shared by Solana, an open-source plug-in on OpenAI’s artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot, ChatGPT, will allow users to interact with the Solana network.

Users can carry out a variety of actions while interacting with ChatGPT on the Solana network. Solana users can access their wallet balances and transfer tokens to other users. Users can also carry out NFT purchases as soon as the plugins are made available to the public.

According to the announcement made through Solana’s official Twitter account :

Solana Labs has created an open-source reference implementation for a ChatGPT plugin that lets users interact with the solana network directly from ChatGPT.
Users will be able to check wallet balances, transfer tokens, and purchase NFTs once ChatGPT plugins are available.

Network developers are also encouraged to test the plugins and even launch their unique versions. “Developers who want to test this out and launch their own version can dig into the code here,” Solana noted in another tweet.

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