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DOGE Co-Founder Says ‘Suspense Is Unbearable’ for Him Now, Here’s What’s Happening



Cryptocurrency influencer Billy Markus, who created the first ever meme coin DOGE back in 2012 together with Jackson Palmer, is an active Twitter user, unlike his colleague. However, crypto is not the only subject he is focused on. Billy Markus nears first milestone on Twitter After Elon Musk, the new owner of the social media behemoth, announced the rollout of the new feature that allows Twitter users to support content makers financially, Markus was one of the first to start collecting paying subscribers. Now, Markus has shared a screenshot to show that he has 998 subscribers — two steps away from the 1,000 milestone. He jokingly tweeted that “the suspense is unbearable.”

Elon Musk supports content creators On May 9, Musk posted a reminder for the community regarding the Subscription feature, whose goal is to support content makers. The Twitter boss thanked those who are subscribing to content creators and reminded them that during the first year after this feature is rolled out, Twitter will keep no percentage of the money paid by subscribers. After the first year, Twitter will keep 10% of that money monthly. Musk added personally that he just wants to support those who create quality content regardless of whether they provide extra content to their subscribers or not.

New features coming soon to Twitter In a recent tweet, Twitter boss Elon Musk shared recent updates made on Twitter. He wrote that the most recent version of the Twitter mobile app allows users to send a direct message as a reply to any message in the thread and also use any emoji to mark their reaction. Tomorrow, Twitter will implement encrypted direct messages (DM V1.0). He said that he will not be able to see users’ DMs even if there was a gun pointed at his head. Aside from that, Musk promised to roll out voice messages and video chat soon so that users can communicate with each other without having to share their mobile phone numbers.

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